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  1. Found a program-crashing bug this time. I have been able to reproduce this several times on my computer. I made a page with the WAD and the steps taken to cause the bug here.
  2. I figure a lot of people are going to be playing DOOM 3 today. I say let them have their electric boogaloo. My computer doesn't have the muscle and I don't really have $500 for a new system, let alone just to play a game. I also figure that since I haven't played through DOOM 2 yet, I can probably get my jollies that way. I am horribly biased by my belief that when an "upgrade" for a game comes out the game ends up being crappy because the developers focus on the features and not what made the game good in the first place, but lately there have been a lot of pleasant surprises and id is a pretty good company that seems to have worked hard on DOOM 3. So how many others are not playing DOOM 3 because of poor system/lack of interest?
  3. AtmaWeapon

    Where can I get a soundcard that awesome?

    Well if you say it sounds horrible then go for it but I'm pretty sure since they were using a Roland SCC1 they were using some Roland MIDI interface. I am using Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth, and I promise you it sounds inferior to every one of those .mp2s.
  4. Also, since you say you're getting a lot of other errors, try scanning for spyware. A Win98 box is very unstable if it's got a lot of this crap running on it. Otherwise, I believe it is a hardware problem and previous posters have outlined the proper methods to deal with it.
  5. AtmaWeapon

    question about doom collectors edition

    I bought DCE and I'm happily making my first crappy maps. I just downloaded zDOOM and put the WAD files in zDOOM's directories. I even made it so when I double-click a WAD it starts zDOOM using that WAD :)
  6. AtmaWeapon

    funny - guy dooms a youth performance

    I have a decent sense of humor, but the post led me to believe he was making the jabs. Combine that with how I think the guy is a big jerk, and it really doesn't do much for the joke. He said in bold text one of the pictures was about him messing with the church. The indicated picture shows a Bible he placed under a sign that says "We have Christian fiction." The implication being the Bible is fiction, it's funny because it's the Bible and it's in a church library under fiction LOLOLOLOLOL.He also made sure to point out that in case we didn't notice, we should take notice of what book he used as his mousepad, the Bible. When taken with the last one, this shows that he wasn't "killing demons with the Bible" but his intent was another shot at the Bible.And I agree, Doom has about as strong of a link to killing people as drinking gatorade. But not everyone is of this opinion, and sometimes you have to be sensitive to your audience. I'm sure if I went to an event to mourn the passing of my child I'd be excited to see someone ripping zombies open with a shotgun, wouldn't you? I would have probably thought it was funny if he had just posted the doom pictures, but he made himself look like a kid pulling stupid pranks with the other pictures. Now please, this thread isn't about whether I am right for thinking the guy is a jerk or not. It's about whether it is funny or not. I'm only calling the guy that did it a jerk, not you.
  7. AtmaWeapon

    Where can I get a soundcard that awesome?

    That sounds simple enough but how do I know the Lump name? I can't really change the sound card on this laptop so this is my only shot right now.
  8. AtmaWeapon

    funny - guy dooms a youth performance

    I guess it's cool but if you think about the event itself this was a really lame and stupid stunt. First, it's really lame how much he goes out of his way to show off that he does not like Christianity. There's a difference between having an opinion and pulling childish pranks. "HAY GUYS I'M SCREWING WITH THE CHURCH AND USING THE BIBLE AS A MOUSEPAD THESE CHURCH FAGS DON'T KNOW LOLLERZ KEKEKEKEKE TAKE THAT JESUS!!!!1111" Second, I'm not really sure I think it's "cool" and "funny" that at a benefit for a child that was murdered, he throws Doom up on the screen. Granted it was a dress rehearsal, but there are some times when a prank moves from 'funny' to 'lame'. This is one of them. It wouldn't have been so lame if someone had started something with him. If there were backstory along the lines of "I almost didn't get to do it because some crazy lady said I listen to devil music" then this would be better.
  9. AtmaWeapon

    How did Doom change gaming for you?

    Well I've been playing Doom for a week now and I've got to say it's changed gaming for me nonetheless. Like Tetris, Legend of Zelda, a handful of other classics, Doom reminds me that the age and graphical quality of a game takes the passenger seat next to gameplay. I've played all 3 Quakes and Doom beats them for fun hands down. So now my already high standard of what makes a good game is even higher. If a > 10-year-old FPS can be fun, then surely newer games should be able to accomplish that as well.
  10. I just listened to a few of the .mp2s of the Doom music, and I must know what modern sound cards perform this well with MIDI. I know the page lists what card was used, but what research I've done seems to suggest the card is neither modern nor available anymore. I'm building a PC soon, and I'd like for Doom to sound as good on this PC as those .mp2s did. Do the high-end Sound Blasters do this well?
  11. I think I found an oddity, pardon if it's mentioned prior because I only skimmed the last 3 pages. In 1.63, I'm following the guide and I found that when you use the "Insert Sector" dialog box with 4 vertices, the size of the resulting box is not right. The way I understood it, the value you place in the "Diameter" box (should be named "radius", IMO) was half the width of the sides of the resulting square. However, I get erratic behavior from this box. For example, when using the value 64 as stated in the guide, I get a square with sides of length 96, not 128. A value of 128 gives me length 192, not 256 as expected. Is this a problem with how I interpret the box, the guide, or the program? I may go source diving and find the answer to my problem there.
  12. AtmaWeapon

    Which editor to use?

    I'm kind of new to Doom, but I've already got some good ideas for maps from playing for a while. The trouble is, there's a lot of links to editors and no real ratings or indications of which ones are better than the others. Can someone point me to the editor that is generally accepted as the best, or at least point out which ones I should try and decide which one I like the best?
  13. AtmaWeapon

    Am I a rare breed?

    Yep, that's him all right. I think The Bridge is a map he showed me once, it looked really cool. We talk a lot, and he goes on and on about the days of BBSs and playing modem to modem against people. I missed out on that time, we didn't really get a computer until 97 or 98. I have a couple of questions maybe you guys can help me with. I like watching speedrun demos of games, and I was excited to find there was a Doom Done Quick (and Quicker). However, the links from the speed demo archives are to fileplanet, and fileplanet says the file cannot be found. I've dug around the demo links at this site, but they all seem to be for individual levels and I had a little trouble determining if there was anything about entire episodes there. Are there any good places not in the links I could get to? Also, I'm the type of person that likes learning how to get 100% in every level. I know plenty of places to get text walkthroughs of the entire game, but those can be confusing and I don't like switching back and forth from game to text. It would be cool if there was a guide that had screenshots of the area each secret was in. Does such a site exist? If not, then I will have to make it :p Anyway, I'm already addicted, so I'm going back to playing. Curse you for getting me started, AlexMax! *edit* Yeah, I work with him. I won't give too many details because I don't know how much he'd like me giving all his info away, but we work in the IT department of a manufacturer in TN. He's in a different plant than I am, but my plant has more people and I'm a temp worker (doing co-op rotations, one semester school one semester work), so when there's a virus eruption they send me to help him out.
  14. AtmaWeapon

    Am I a rare breed?

    I'm basically a Doom newbie. It's not like I never heard about it, but I think I've only played it once in my life and it was only to try and use ZDaemon to do some netplay, which didn't work for some reason. Anyway, I picked up Doom collector's edition from Wal-Mart and started playing today. Following the advice of a friend who led me to this site, I used ZDoom instead of Doom95. After 10 minutes I see why the game has such a following. I figure I'm kind of uncommon, a person who never played Doom at all. My friend's not the only one that got me interested in Doom, though. I work with someone who constantly refers back to how he used to be big in the Doom map-making scene. He went by Driller online, and claims some of his maps were distributed with magazines. He has also pointed out some of his maps inside a map pack called Memento Mori. Does he ring a bell with any of you guys?