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  1. HateFactor

    Fear mongering

    http://www.abum.com/?show_media=1668 Funny how all this was taken from only one speech. Multiply by the number of speeches/interviews given over the years...
  2. HateFactor

    What's your favorite sport?

    Lacrosse all the way (go SU!).
  3. HateFactor

    check this out ...

    Bottom of the page: "Storyboards for "Doom" movie (Universal)" Credits: "Doom" (in development) - director Enda McCallion They definitely are proof that the movie has been in the design stage for some time now. Also I'd really like to see you to draw something better than what's on there.
  4. HateFactor

    check this out ...

    Looks like proof that the movie is finally being made.
  5. HateFactor

    Fatal1ty @ Quakecon

    Or maybe because he's an arrogant bastard?
  6. HateFactor

    "become one with the sofa"

    With time it's possible for almost anything to get grafted with your skin. One time in my Art Video class we were studying some guy that used to almost constantly walk around with a video unit attached to his clothes and body. After a while the wires running up and down his arms got grafted in his skin; when he was at an airport once, the security tried to get it off him with force and ripped some of them out...along with a large chunk of his skin. He sued them.
  7. HateFactor

    Is there a "map - author"-list for Q2 / Q3A?

    From what I recall, I believe all the maps in Q3 were ultimately worked on by more than one person.
  8. HateFactor

    Official Doom 3 easter egg thread

    If you watch the news report in the kitchen at the beginning of the game, the lines on the bottom of the screen mention QuakeCon.
  9. HateFactor

    Om my dear Fuck. I just went to hell.

    Hell is quite beatiful. Its level design is what Quake 3's should've been (as that's what I was expecting).
  10. Yes, I was about to post something similar. The sound design in the alpha was MUCH better, but this doesn't come as a surprise (with Trent working on it, and all). Also, why won't the zombies get up after being shot, anymore? :(
  11. HateFactor

    Will you go down on a lovers toes?

    OC is my favorite albums of theirs. As a matter of fact, they're one of my all-time favorite bands. You should get their other albums in this order: Bloody Kisses World Coming Down Slow, Deep and Hard Life is Killing Me Ah, they're all great.
  12. HateFactor

    Will you go down on a lovers toes?

    Sure. I can give my girlfriend an orgasm while doing that, so why not?
  13. HateFactor

    The best books ever... (Harry Potter)

    Most of the Dragonlance saga, especially "The Legend of Huma" By Richard Knaak and the "Chronicles" (the original trilogy).
  14. HateFactor

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    Yep, was just about to post that.
  15. HateFactor

    A music question (Fear Factory)

    Their best album since Demanufacture. Shitimortal was...shit.