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  1. When I was playing Sven Co-op (Half-Life 1 mod), some guy joined with his username proclaiming that he was "my #1 fan". I tried to talk via voice chat but it wasn't set up correctly. So as I was messing around the mic, the guy spawned some turret and started speedrunning through the campaign. I left the game about 5 minutes later; it was getting kind-of creepy to stay any longer at that point. It was probably just some troll.
  2. +1 to MyHouse.wad I became a new member of doomworld because of it.
  3. Rockman


    I understand that completely, The reason I talked about this is because I wanted to know whether the house was real or not, And if I could find it on Google maps as a result. Then again, I've decided to stop after being told that it would be a bad idea to do so. I swear though, if a wad managed to fool someone like myself into thinking that some of that info was real, That's what you call pure immersion. I hope this gets a caco award.
  4. Rockman


    Oh darn, I didn't think about that. I'll go ahead and re-edit for the sake of someone's safety and privacy. The wad sure is hell felt like an ARG though. It was a rabbit hole of twists and turns that I never thought I'd experience. There's a decent amount of images and a journal. I didn't even think a Doom map would have any of that to begin with before I started playing.
  5. Rockman


    I wonder, does the house actually exist? I went on a bit of an adventure on Google Maps to find the house in one of the towns mentioned in the Obituaries (Plano, Oswego). In order to narrow my search a bit, I decided to use "231" as the assumed address number since those numbers were the only ones highlighted in the journal. To kinda no surprise, there were a handful of addresses in both places that used the 231 address number, and none of them looked anything like the house in the map, drawing, or picture. However, There were occurrences that made me think of certain parts of the wad, But a lot of them were probably just Coincidences, idk.