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  1. MidoriMan

    SLADE 2.0 Mirror?

    A while ago I reformatted my Hard Drive. After reinstalling Doom and all that stuff, I went to download SLADE, but the site went down. My question is weather or not there's a mirror download of the 2.0 beta, or if not, some sort of download link.
  2. MidoriMan

    MDU (Mac DOOM Utility) 1.4.4

    Anyways, I've been trying to find a MacDOOM application called MDU. So far, all of my attempts have been fruitless (MacFury shut down, and the only other place requires an FTP account). Can anyone please help?
  3. MidoriMan

    "Bloody Jack" has left the building. [newproject]

    A long time, a name change (It's 'Arsenic' now) and a few leaps of progress later, I finally post something of my creation. A Double-Barreled, Break-Action Shotgun based on the Duke3D shotgun. Arsenic himself, full body. Arsenic's mugshot, deteriorating into a bloody mess(not to mention his eyepatch slowly falling off)
  4. Basically, my project has been going nowhere for a while, and ultimately, it was (accidentally) deleted from my hard drive. Scince my slate is now clean, I now embark on a new TC, a project I call 'Phantom Serpent.' Basically, it's about this guy trying to stop a giant empire, with police, soliders, and other guy after him. Anyways, maybe I could arrange a team or something(Especially scince I'm good-ish at GFX, but my attempts at levels suck). So, yeah. Sign up here if ya want.
  5. MidoriMan

    Bloody Jack

    Anyway, here's what I got so far: Most of the weapons The [POSS] Monsters Half of Jack's face sprites (IE, the mugshot on the bottom) Very little of MAP01 And some other stuff I can't think up.
  6. MidoriMan

    Caleb Sprites

    Although I may sound like a lamer for this one, but does anyone have sprites of Caleb from Blood (which unfortunately isn't Mac compatible last time I checked)? I just need them for my 'Bloody Jack' TC as Jack himself. If you can send a 'crude' sheet or whatever, I shall put you in high regard. Thanks ahead of the point.
  7. Hi, it's MidoriMan again. While I'm working on the Bloody Jack project, I'm now in need of some help. Anyways, the question is for someone to create the sprites for Bloody Jack himself. I tried endlessly to get the guy in DOOM form. Whoever can help will be in the credits. Bloody Jack is supposed to be the mysterious man who dresses in a black business suit, with a black, red-lined cape and white gloves. He has a black eyepatch and reddish hair. He is obviously, human. So, um, yeah.
  8. MidoriMan

    Bloody Jack

    The reason I'm not using Legacy is because it's mostly for OS X. I'm doing this TC on OS 8.6, on an original iMac to boot (IE, from 1999-ish). Anyways, I'm working on the POSS-area sprites currently, with the whole thing going along smoothly.
  9. MidoriMan

    Bloody Jack

    Yes, I realised some things that you'd need a scorce port for in the PC version can be easily done without one on MacDOOM (IE, the ability to play MP3's and such). Also, I'd like to point the 'pre-history' of this project. I used to do TC's for the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D (The latest ones have never been released, sadly). Anyway, When I found Laz Rojas' "WolfenDOOM" TC's, I bought a copy of DOOM II just to play them. After I enjoyed them, I began to work on some myself. As time continued, they became lukewarm, IMO. When I played Batman DOOM (a minor factor to D/L it was the fact that Laz Rojas also worked on it for some part), I was blown away. So, I had definate inspiration to make this TC (Though it'll never be anything like the Batman TC)
  10. MidoriMan

    Bloody Jack

    Thanks! Anyways, I'm also experimenting with DeHacked patches (via SimpleText, for DeMacked only works on Things) ala 'Batman DOOM.' Anyways, for an example, I redesigned the Pain Elemental to have 4 walking frames instead of 6 and stuff.
  11. MidoriMan

    Bloody Jack

    Welcome, I am MidoriMan, an avid DOOM-er. Anyways, I'm working on a TC that takes place in an alternate dimension in the year 2015. Basically, you're a former bounty hunter fighting an army of hellspawn (IE, all of the humans are replaced with imps). Scince I use a Mac, it's a TC without usage of other people's engine ports. Expect more stuffs soon.