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  1. haha ok i dont really type like that... anyways i found out about this site a while a go from my brother known as Doom Anomaly, but i was always too busy with all the other forums i was on, well, i dropped some of them and now i decided to join... so ya.. if i had anything else to say it would go right about here

    Yay i was in Doom Anomaly's action doom video, that game= super cool

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    2. Jordan


      i dont really need a title that bad...

    3. cyber-menace


      I need another 140 post or something and I'll at least have a different rank. To me, that's a lot of posts. I've been here quite awhile.

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Nothing is too great for The cyber-menace. :D