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    Anus Rectum
  1. Bane

    It zucks!

    I always make good at tests. I usually spend five minutes for reading sometimes nearly half an hour.
  2. Bane

    custom title giveaway : teh revenge

    I wanna be The Masturbator or Anus Rectum.
  3. Bane


    I bought hexen when I was 9.
  4. Bane

    I get schitzophrenic of...

    Oh, now I understand it...heh...I thought it was some flat guy...:O
  5. Bane

    the end is coming!

    my friend almost got some!
  6. Bane

    I get schitzophrenic of...

    What gave it away? The shotgun? don't forget the dum dum-pellets.
  7. Bane

    I get schitzophrenic of...

    Heh, hostile intents...PEACE.
  8. Bane

    I get schitzophrenic of...

    I love u guys.
  9. ...these pop-ups. Ling, could u do sumthing for that? I don't want to kill anyone.
  10. Bane

    Music to doom to

    Machine Head. My opinion. So nevermind.
  11. Bane

    "Growl, snarl"

    i want monsters make helluva scary babbling...or some would cry like a child or a mad man, just to make the game very creepy.
  12. Bane

    A "Doom 3" mod suggestion

  13. Bane

    Attention Post Hellers

    I kiss only pretty girl's ass, okay?! I hate to get blamed d00ds!
  14. Bane

    Hexen bosses

    Heresiarch made himself an awesome enemy.
  15. Bane

    Doom Cartoon

    I don't agree with the movie and I don't agree with the cartoon.