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  1. Robin McLeod

    wHeretic comments?

    OK, so it seems that there are some serious issues with the A3D SDK and newer systems. Since using an updated version of this API is no longer an option (special thanks to our friends at Creative for buying out Aureal and mothballing the technology), the logical option is to drop A3D and use another lib. For now it looks like it'll be FMOD.
  2. Robin McLeod

    wHeretic comments?

    Hey Ultimate DooMer, I'm well aware you and DooMBoy's first impressions of the port. ;) Here are my comments re: your suggestions. -A Windows version (it runs in a dos box) It's currently a Win32 console application. The reason I left it as a console app is because you get the "debug console" for free. Anyway, it's a native Win32 binary, not a DOS application. -Removal of editing limits (HOM's, visplanes, savegame buffer) visplanes has already been increased (which I guess fixes HOMs), savegame and demo buffers are essentially limitless. HereHackEd support (I'm not sure if the exe can be patched) I thought about that one a bit and if I'm not mistaken that would require an HHE parser wHeretic. I seem to recall it being on my list at some point but it wasn't super high priority. As for the thing slowing down over time, that might be in the sound stuff or a memory leak in some of the other stuff that I extended. Edit: removed bonehead statement about HHE support.
  3. Robin McLeod

    wHeretic comments?

    What do you have for a sound card? In any case, things may improve if I drop A3D support and use plain old DirectSound (although I can't be sure that the A3D libraries are the problem). It'll likely break volume control on NT4 but I'm not sure if anybody cares Don't forget that it uses the original software render, slightly tweaked for high-res. That's why it preserves the original look & feel but the downside is that the CPU is doing all of the work. Add full 3d sound on top of that (possibly emulated) and you've got one busy CPU. I had it working through DirectSound initially with simple pan/fade, which might be a better option for low end CPUs.
  4. Robin McLeod

    wHeretic comments?

    Thanks DooMBoy, can you give me a quick rundown of your system specs? What resolution were you running in? Was it a monster level you were playing? I'm really puzzled by the sounds playing back too fast thing. I'm especially curious because the system I was working on back then was a K6-2 300 and I didn't experience those problems if I stayed at 640x400 (well, some of Ken Phipps' levels did slow it down but those levels were absolutely huge!).
  5. Robin McLeod

    wHeretic comments?

    chilvence, I've added a brief description of wHeretic to the first post. Deathman, thanks for your comments. I never messed with the key-binding mainly to keep wHeretic compatible with the original. What features would you like to see in the key-binding? Does anybody still care about NT4 support? There might also some issues with the music. I'm not sure if the default MIDI patches on newer Creative cards are correct.
  6. Robin McLeod

    wHeretic comments?

    Hi, I'm the dude who brought you wHeretic, does anybody have any _constuctive_ comments about it? I'm considering reviving the project. I'd really like to hear from DooMBoy and The Ultimate DooMer but I'll take input from anybody. http://www.raven-games.com/hosted/wheretic Here's the lowdown if yer too lazy to click the link. wHeretic is a port of the original DOS game Heretic by Raven Software to the Win32 platform. The last build is fully compatible with all versions of Windows that support DirectX 3 or higher (that includes NT4). Feature list -high res while maintaining the original look & feel -A3D audio (ideally this would just be replaced with DirectSound only but will break volume control on NT4) -network compatible with the original DOS version and adds UDP support -many of the limitation (memory imposed) have been removed or at least relaxed -etc (check the readme for the latest build). Edit: added link. added brief description for those who've (gasp ;) ) never heard of wHeretic.
  7. Robin McLeod

    Which port is similar to Doom95 & runs Heretic...

    If you're having problems running wHeretic, contact me.