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  1. astump

    Doom 3 to act as Server

    I noticed that Doom 3 multiplayer requires Doom3.exe to act as a SERVER in order to play online games. Alot of other online games only require the program to access the internet, however, I find it disturbing to give it (or any program) server rights - it leaves me very open to hackers. Why does it need server rights? -- DOOM 3 could not accept a(n) UDP Port 3766 connection from because Internet servers are blocked. User: SYSTEM Program: DOOM 3 Time: 8/7/2004 1:16:44 PM --
  2. astump

    No flashlight beam?

    It's verry intermitant. Had to exit and re-launch the game five times and it eventually went back to normal. Still, I shouldnt have to do this - hints a Doom 3 v1.1 patch needed.
  3. astump

    How to get Doom 3 to work for 9x/ME(tutorial!)

    Please be advised that doing this violates your license agreement. By editing the executable file in a hex editor, you are reverse engineering the program.
  4. astump

    No flashlight beam?

    I shure hope iD releases a patch to fix this issue. I started getting symptoms as soon as I reached "Central Communications Tower" level. Here is what this bug looks like when the flashlight is equpied: http://home.kc.rr.com/astump/shot00001.png
  5. astump

    "Low" end.

    I just want to let people know that you dont have to have the latest and greatest to enjoy this game. I have a BFG-Tech Asylum GeForce 4 TI-4200, and I can run this game fine with no visual lags - in medium quality at 1024x768 resolution. It also runs rather smooth at high quality, 640x480 - but if you push it to 800x600 in high quality, it starts lagging. My full specs: AMD Athelon XP 2100+ 1 GB PC-2700 RAM Chaintech 7NJL1 nForce 4 Motherboard BFG-Tech Asylum GeForce 4 TI4200 (128 MB) Has anyone else been supprised on the fact that this game runs rather smooth on lower-end systems?
  6. astump

    Classic horror-movie mod.

    What? Never heard of girls? Dont you remember old B-movies like in the early 80s / late 70s man?
  7. astump

    Classic horror-movie mod.

    Idea - make a classic horror movie atmosphere, with girls and monsters. Sort of like the atmosphere in Scream, or in any given B-movie.
  8. astump

    Well it's been leaked

    This should be post helled, it suggests piracy.
  9. astump

    The "EVERYONES" Picture Thread!!!

  10. This is my [3rd] blog!

    1st Aug. 2004

    I had a sinus cold this morning, with a bad headach and 1 time I threw up. The stomach has became more settled, and now I just have that headache. Alieve should do the trick.


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    2. Quast


      Grazza said:

      I don't think you can make Blog posts when you're Losered, so there's nothing to worry about.

      oh god, what the hell did he do?

    3. Grazza


      I think this was the last straw, but mainly for making a whole bunch of poor posts/threads. Look in PH.

    4. MaximusNukeage


      Grazza said:

      I think this was the last straw, but mainly for making a whole bunch of poor posts/thread. Look in PH.

      "go FAQ your self" ROFL

  11. astump

    Doom 3 CD vs DVD

    The latest patch for the UT2004 removes CD verification. Why does it need to verify the CD anyhow, if you already have to authenticate your Product Key online? Just needless repitition.
  12. astump

    Circuit City Sunday Flyer...

    Dont buy from circuit city. I have had 2/3 purchases there (1 that was $1,290) be problematic. I did buy a good Car MP3/CD player, however, the compaq laptop had some nice spyware bundled with it (takes me a whole day just to re-load Win XP using the XP CD, disable the snoopy services that come with SP1, and install customize the programs and appearance to make it less childish). The USB drive had many a flaw, fried when I inserted it in a lab computer at DeVRY, and circuit city made was a pain in the ass to have it replaced. circuit city doesnt deserve to be capitolized :-) nor does compaq
  13. astump

    So another game like UT2004!

    Best buy does not sell Doom 3 until Wed. August 4th, and Circuit City wont have it until Fri., Aug 6th. Sounds like another late release. Sounds like UT2004 was. Have games gone up in price lately? I remember when UT2004 came out it was capped at $49.99... I can see a world soon ahead for music CDs that cost $49.99... and now I am starting to see one where computer games coast $99.99.
  14. AStump Blog #2


    You would think that somthing for my computer, that I purchased nearly 2 years ago, would loose it's market value - right? Wrong.

    I purchased a Asylum GeForce 4 TI-4200 AGP video card with 128 MB onboard RAM during a 2002 Thanksgiving sale at Best Buy (Located on Barry Road near US-169). The price I paid for this video card when purchased was roughly $90.

    I was searching for a sutible upgrade for my video card last week on Froogle ( http://www.froogle.com ), and I kept finding these $400 to $800 video cards (i.e. the ATI Raedon 9800 / X800, and the GeForce 6800 Ultra / GT.) At first, I thought these prices were erronous, however, I then had the wild idea of finding how much my current GeForce 4 TI-4200 would sell for.

    I found one seller selling the same video card for $79 bucks. (Lost $10 value since I bought it,) however, I found another video card (Non-Asylum) for $150. Same card, just not manufactured by a third-party. I found some more of these non third-party manufactured cards, with prices ranging from $129 to $168.

    I'm starting to consider the possibility of selling it on eBay for around $110, since it is working as it was when I bought it.

  15. astump

    Doom 3 Out There

    Flashbacks from The X-Files Episode 1x01 ("Deep Throat") Mulder: "They're here, arn't they?" (Deep Throat turns and faces Mulder) Deep Throat: "Mr. Mulder, they've been here for a long time." (Deep Throat continues to walk away, leaving Mulder standing alone)