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  1. I:

    I just want to express the fact that I hate n00bs that post links to files at this "File Planet" site... this site is GAY... it puts spyware on your computer, and requires you to submit your personal information so that you can get "Special Offers" from their "Affiliates".

    The same goes for a site called Gamespot.com ... they make you sign up for downloads.

    Serious gamers use better sites that dont have the B.S. attached. I use 3DGamers.com


    I use Opera 7.51... so I dont have to worry about spyware. It still tics me off when I find out you have to sign up for somthing, because I generally provide ficticous emails (or a spam-dedicated email account)

    ... its generally a bad idea to sign up for anything online, especially if you can google it somewhere else and get it without giving personal info.

    I once remember a game that required you to give your credit card number out, just to download the demo version. The demo version is suppost to be free, and to charge for a demo version is against the law (to my knowledge).

    Which brings up the File Planet issue. Why have they not got sued yet over their Pay-for-download service. They are hosting files, and charging people to download it. If I find a file I create on File Planet, I will be P.I.S.S.E.D.

    I get pissed easily, anyhow.


    I hate the trend people are going at with Windows Media Player 9, and websites like Launch, etc... require this spyware to be installed to view the music video. This, unfortantly, encourages me to use other 'methods' of retrieving videos.


    Why do people speed? There is a highway called "Bruce R. Watkins Drive" (or US-71) in our city. The posted speed limit is 55 MPH. Everyone (or at least 85%) of the drivers drive 60, and 6 out of 10 drive 65 or more through this freeway. Acknowledged, it is designed for 65 MPH/70 MPH zones, since it is Interstate standard on-ramps/off-ramps, and up to 6 lanes divided at times (mostly 4 lanes, though)... but still... its as if people are either blind or just cant read shit.

    I switched from driving this route to driving the East I-435 loop around town out to DeVRY this term (This is my 4th term at DeVRY)... and its alot less stressfull. Although there are still people that speed, they are usualy going 70 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, or 75 MPH in a 70 MPH zone (Which I do if everyone else is - just to avoid feeling like a grandma.)

    Of course, there are times when people pass me up SOOOO much that it makes me pissed, and I end up flooring it to speeds in excess of 85 MPH (Once, in my ex-'95 Neon, up to 110 MPH). Luckly, I haven't got a ticket for the few times I have done that.



    I want people to understand that when I post in forums and blogs that I do not write to look like im a smart guy. I write to get a point across, and if my spelling and grammer sucks, its because I dont care.

    I do use spacing to provide a organizational layout to my writing.

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    2. Scabbed Angel

      Scabbed Angel

      I think it is actually, it's called impeding traffic or something. Here is US anyway.

    3. Quast


      if you go too slow, yes.

    4. Bucket


      Police will only stop you for going too slow if you're young. Cause it obviously means you're high. A cop once followed me across town because I was driving under the speed limit on a back road I didn't know while it was covered in wet leaves. If he'd stopped me, I would've commended his keen detective work.