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  1. Mmphm pffmph-- *removes hood* Ah, that's better. Well, I seem to have wandered into Hell, again. Surprised I'm not a VIP here, heh. Anyways, here's some info about the dude controlling Kenny's mind. (Scary) I'm an upcoming college freshman at USC Columbia, where I plan to major in Computer Science, and also take NROTC to work towards my Naval Commission.

    I'm a South Park fan, obviously, and I first discovered DOOM when it came as Shareware on a GamePak CD for my SoundBlaster. Included was Descent: Destination Saturn [the extended shareware version], DOOM Shareware, Heretic Shareware, and the 6-level "Special Edition" of Warcraft. Still have that CD, actually. Well, bye for now...

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      Quast said:

      well, "hi! I'm new" thread will get helled...better post quick

      Someone needs to read or reread the updated FAQ, especially the part about backseat modding...this isn't an ordinary welcome thread.