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  1. USC (Univ. of South Carolina) wins the NIT (Nat'l Invitational Tournament [basketball]) against St. Joseph's with a final score of 60-57 USC! Wooo! We are the champions!! Go Cocks!!

    Also, I was finishing up Refueling Base, took forever b/c I kept overlooking the yellow key, and I was on my way back to the yellow door, and I noticed a Lost Soul I had killed, his fireball was still there, it hadn't dissappated. Lol, cool jDoom glitch. I think it was b/c it got caught in a door or something, I don't know.

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    2. gatewatcher


      Nevermind (thought it was Southern California).

    3. Danarchy


      Kenny McCormick said:

      Go Cocks!!

      Beavers rule!!

    4. Bucket


      gatewatcher said:


      You called?
      Wait... oh.