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  1. Well, since my Doom 3 PC experience a few months back wasn't the best (my specs are crap, only 64 mb Intel card, stupid on-board lappys), today I'm gonna go by Wal-Mart and pick up Doom 3 for Xbox. I might as well splurge and get the CE while I'm at it, get ANOTHER copy of Doom and Doom II, lol...but on Xbox, ahhhh. Can show all my Halo friends my oldschool mad Doomskills, heh. SSG is your friend!!!

    1. Ninja_of_DooM


      *claps very slowly*

    2. Coopersville


      I recently rented Doom3: ROE on XBOX, and I find it sexier looking and more fun in general.

    3. DoomDan


      If you are getting Doom 3 ROE for Xbox there is little reason to get the CE edition of Doom 3 over the original.