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  1. I was reminded today of an interesting dream I had years ago, around the time Doom 64 came out.

    After reading the Gamepro magazine about it (and in hindsight I wish I had kept the thing) I had a dream that a Cyberdemon was out to get me. I was in a grocery store with my mother, going from aisle to aisle. I looked down one aisle and saw the Cyberdemon. Dunno what he was shopping for...or was he working a counter in the back, lol, I don't remember, anyways. I hurridly began to make for the exit, but I couldn't explain to my mother what was going on for some reason. So we were waiting at the checkout, when I look back and see the horns and half the head poking up from the aisles. Needless to say I got really nervous, and he got closer and closer, was up on me...and then I woke up.


    1. NailGunner


      Dream needs more impse...

      Had to say it.

    2. Janderson


      Maybe it is your desire to get bigger cock then you're taking now ;D j/k