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  1. Crix

    My embittered assault on doom 3 (hint: I’m pissed.)

    One comment on realism and the PDA: in reality, if you saw an imp materialize out of the air with all the demonic fan-fare, the last thing you would be thinking is "Holy shit, I have to check some emails!" haha Put the fucking PDA down until the coast is clear.
  2. Crix

    Sub-par sound effects

    The sounds are dissapointing. The pinky's roar is super lame, the clanking of the foot steps, sound loops that are too short and you can hear them cycling over and over (eg 'bubble-noises'), not have different sound for differnet materials. I'm not that far in the game but that Hellish slimy moving flesh or whatever that takes over entire rooms clanks like metal when you wack it with the flash light. Wahh waahh, I wish Reznor did the effects. These are small details though... overall I'm a happy doomer.
  3. Crix

    Cacodemon image in PCgamer review

    It looks like there's gonna be a caco and pain elemental in Doom3. On the second title page of the article on the top-right there is a pic of a brownish floating demon... looks more like a disconnected head, honestly it looks like a really pissed off rabbit face the way the "skull" is shaped... no bunny ears though, heh. It's hard to see cuz it's so small and the picture is dark. But it's also got some tentacle like things hanging down, but they look somewhat rigid, not just loose flesh, i bet he(she) can move these. And fire in his mouth, yes, i imagine he'll definately be spitting something nasty out. I'm assuming this is the Pain Elemental. Now on the very last page of the article on the top left is a little picture of what i believe is the Caco. It's mostly black, one big eye located about 2/3rds of the way up his 'face.' It's weird, I think there is some other body color/detail but the main thing that stands out is this almost anime-looking black spikey hair. It's not really hair of course, I'm sure they're nasty spikes of some sort but it looks like the shape of hair from the characters of DragonBallZ for instance. It's all around, so if you were to see a sillohuette of this Caco it would be a ball irregular, cool-shaped and angled spikes all around. It looks pretty cool.
  4. Crix

    Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

    YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! CACO motherfuckers!!!! Id software does not fail it!!! HOOOOOGHHH!!!! *dies*
  5. Crix

    First Doom 3 DM tournament announced

    Nice, I hope you guys are right about the release before Quakecon. There is an Electronics Boutique (a computer game store) here in Boston that says it gurantees Doom3 by July 21st. ?? Well, I hope they're right.
  6. Crix

    DOOM 3 release date!!

    heh, this will be joining my recent thread shortly i suspect.
  7. Crix

    Puzzle solving in Doom 3?

  8. Crix


    Well, I think there are a number of clever ways developers could make a fully destructable game world work. Real life is fully destructable and allows plenty of excitement... I think that's portable to computers. ^_^ I was just thinking though... I don't know that sacrificing graphics will really free up enough power for physics/AI. I mean, our GPUs do like 95% of the graphics stuff right? Maybe we'll need physics/AI specialized boards in the future. And a general physics/AI API. Hopefully this could be done with specialized chips, rather than needing an additional Athlon or P4.
  9. Crix


    I think it would be cool to see a game in the future forsake graphic fidelity (say, going back to quake 1 graphics) for an entirely dynamic environment. Give me quake one with insane physics implementation. Ie, don't fire a rocket in a tunnel or you'll most likely die from the walls/ceiling collapsing in on you. Ie, big craters and debris being blown everywhere, bullets actually leaving little pockets in the walls, rather than just black decals. Bullets shooting through wood tables, being able to blow holes in walls with rockets, C4, grenades, etc. This would be great.
  10. Crix

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    Yah. God, the plasma balls and stream look gay. I want to see fury incarnate in that plasma. Not pretty little fag-sparkles. *hah, sorry if that was offensive to anyone
  11. Crix

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    Puzzles are good when they aren't too hard and basically force you to explore the environment. I like them then. Playing Far Cry has made me remember how successful and fun key-finding based gameplay can be. It forces you to know your environment. I like that the keys are generally under someone else's posession or in some hard to get to room, as opposed to a key being on a raised platform surrounded by a pool of radioactive waste solely for challenge's sake. Then again, this is supposed to be a force of Hell. Creating hellish puzzles in your environment makes sense. I hope they have some. Honestly, I thought the Alpha levels were wicked boring. (i know, i know, that doesn't say anything about the final game but just following one path, killing and collecting ammo does not make a fun experience.) Re: Weapons. I can't wait to see some plasma based weapons. Enough of this damned realism crap. I want sci-fi and fire and brimstone.
  12. Crix

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    Yeah, don't get me wrong. I'm expecting there's a lot we haven't seen yet. Yeah, I saw the xbox demo... infact, I think the screenshot I referenced earlier is a picture of said corpse on the ceiling. Somehow this one looks cleaner though. I hope plot doesn't get too much in the way of the fun of this game. Like I don't want my friggin PDA/cellphone ringing all the time, like, "Sorry can i call you back?! I'm kidna getting my ass kicked now." Honestly, I don't want to think too much when I'm playing Doom3. FPS games are kinda like beer to me. I play them when I want to be somewhere else.
  13. Crix

    doom III rated "E"

    LOL, "too pensive." This game rated M for overly pensive scientists and gore.
  14. Crix

    Who's your Favorite Monster

    Are we allowed to choose monsters we haven't seen yet? I know the cyber-demon is going to be my favorite because I know it's going to scare the hell out of me. I can't wait to hear his roar and the rockets exploding all around me.
  15. Crix

    So I played XBox Doom 3

    True, this is just a crappy xbox render. But damn that skeleton looks clean. I want fresh blood! >:-) Yeah, the blood in the bathroom looks great, as well as the blood smeared on the walls elsewhere, but if there's going to be bodies hanging from the ceilings and what them to have bloody intestines with physics hanging from them.. so that they sway, and create a pool of blood beneath the body. In addition, mwuhahah, it would nice if the bodies were still partialy alive and would twitch, maybe even speak occasionaly... or gurgle, whichever they can muster, haha. I want the atmosphere to truly be terrifying and disturbing.