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  1. Xipher

    Workaround for DM "server full" error

    same problem here. Quick question though, are any of you guys behind some sort of connection sharing device (aka cable/dsl router)?
  2. Xipher

    Linux users - read this now

    this might be the reason for the delay of the linux version, is changing some of it to be more linux friendly. Also, I know Epic for one is going to have a version of there editor that will run in Linux for there next game, so some are getting around to it.
  3. Xipher

    The email from William Banks...

    well, they might have stuff up when it reaches Aug 3rd in CST (USA central, -6 from GMT).
  4. Well, thats all that id and activision told them, but I wouldn't be surprised if they hide a little secret for the nightmare difficulty.
  5. Xipher

    Live feed of some guy playing Doom 3 *Needs Winamp*

    is this live? looking pretty cool right now.
  6. Xipher

    Recording capabilities

    The windows version of UT2004 can convert them to divx format. Slow though, and isn't that great.
  7. Xipher

    CD keys? Quick question.

    Untill the more recent patchs, which removed the need for a cd key altogether.
  8. Xipher

    All the monsters and Boss list

    My guess, they didn't tell you every thing :)
  9. If you look closely at the Icons video, when the pinky dies, you will notice the mechanical legs actually stay behind, which is a neat effect I think. Also, from what I have seen, and read, when you kill some of the zombies at least, the body will stay behind, but if dismemberd, you will actually see intestines and bones. This may have changed though, so don't quote me.
  10. Xipher

    multiplyaer concerns

    The bandwidth limitation is due to how much data has to be sent know. Your now adding the pyhiscs into the data, boxes and stuff flying around, and with the per-poly hit detection, its going to be more precise about where the projectile is and was. I know there is probably more as well.
  11. Xipher

    Three Questions

    you should still be alright, just a little below the one they tested with, so drop it down a little from the ti4600. Also, the Geforce 4 MX series is really a glorified Geforce 2 core, maybe with some adjustments. its still a NV1x core though.
  12. Xipher

    Three Questions

    1. Read HardOCP's DooM 3 hardware guide, it was just put up today. http://www2.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NjQ0 2. 3 CD's 3. No clue, but if history has any thing to say, not likely, it will probably just be a CD-Key. I don't know though, as they have keept it under wraps pretty well.
  13. Xipher

    The "City" in Doom III

    Yea, forgot about that, thanks for the correction, Will edit the post acordinly. Also, on the subject of the city, if you look at that lobby screenshot in the HardOCP Hardware guide, you notice it has "Welcome to Mars City" there. ;)
  14. Xipher

    Doom 3 [H]ardware Guide

    yea, the HardOCP guys said with this game go for higher res before you try to crank up the AA or AF.
  15. Xipher

    The "City" in Doom III

    Raven is working on Quake 4 using the DooM 3 engine. id is now working on a new name (using an updated doom 3 engine ), I can't wait to see what they come up with.