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  1. JustANormalSpessman

    God Complex 1.1.3 Missing Hud (Possible Bug?)

    As it turns out, I just had to mess with my hud with + and -, my bad.
  2. JustANormalSpessman

    God Complex 1.1.3 Missing Hud (Possible Bug?)

    So right in the image it's not actually yellow, but if I pause and unpause it becomes yellow. The bit right there seems to be an artifact of the main menu screen.
  3. JustANormalSpessman

    God Complex 1.1.3 Missing Hud (Possible Bug?)

    I'm currently trying to run God Complex 1.1.3 on ZDL with Zandronum. There should be zero issue with either ZDL or Zandronum as far as versioning is concerned because I got the programs from the description of the God Complex Setup video on youtube made by UltraViolence. Regardless, the issue I am having is a yellow bar across the bottom of the screen where the hud should be. I still get console inputs on picking up items and the like, but I cannot see my own health and ammo and such. I have attached images of the ZDL setup I have running and the actual game itself so that people who wish to help bugfix this know what I'm talking about. Furthermore, I tried upgrading my NVIDIA drivers to the latest version because I figured that was the issue, but the problem persists. If anyone would be so kind as to help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.