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  1. Zeus

    Why do zombies....

    Wear the same clothes and look the same............oh my god Im being dragged down to PH......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  2. Zeus

    Can you kill a cyberdemon with the soulcube?

    IMO this battle was an insult to the cyberdemon. They should have made it so like after 1 or 2 hits the soulcube falls down into the lava pit and u have to use regular weapons from then on (but not have the BFG at the beginning of the level where u load up before the fight) Or at least made it HKs and Archeviles instead of the incredibly weak maggots and the too often seen imps. But no the battle consists of running around (the CD is extremely slow) in circles around the pit and one shot kills to kill the maggots and imps soulcube charged rinse and repeat 3 more times and you won. Despicably easy. The guardian was a LOT harder than the CD which is a joke.
  3. Zeus

    End boss cut scene **spoiler**

    I think he was saying "omg"
  4. Zeus

    Barons of hell?

    Wow big diffrence, either way they're just pallete swapped monsters with more or less hp, happy now?
  5. Its obvious..bertruger was punished for being so evil.
  6. Zeus

    Barons of hell?

    I don't see why everyone misses the BoH when its just a red HK with a little bit more hp.
  7. what about this one http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/144006.shtml it adds 32 players and a co op mode I usually trust fileplanet but I just want to make sure.
  8. Zeus

    Workaround for DM "server full" error

    Yeah I'm having this problem also says 1/4 players I go to connect it says full so I put up a filter no empty no full no password I get a new list with the filter Go to join a server it asks me for a password Go to join a 2/4 server and it says full by now Im starting to get mad and I start randomly clicking each server is either full or passworded then I got lucky and got into a laggy server Yes ID really needs to fix it lol
  9. Zeus

    All the monsters and Boss list

    Sabaoth = SM Vagary= Miniboss Guardian=BoH
  10. Zeus

    Co-op mod?

    WARNING SPOILERS (Found this its a co-op mod in the works) You have been warned it shows a boss fight in the first video. http://www.harvsnews.com/doom3mods/ EDIT- If you don't want to watch the first video because of the spoilers it shows that he had to kill his co-op friend to get the cutscene to work. Hopefully if they release the mod they can find some way to get around that. The second video has very little spoilers if any at all.
  11. Zeus

    Gamestop about to ship game?

    Lol its funny, we've been waiting for a couple years for D3 now 3-4 days of wait is an issue.
  12. Zeus

    Which first, SP or MP?

    Good, one more copy for the shelves.