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  1. CacodemonLeader

    YouTube Idiot

    For the record, it seems the idiot decided to take the AVIs of the runs from the Speed Demos Archive. Taking other people's speedrunning records and uploading them as their own is pretty damn low.
  2. CacodemonLeader

    Cacodemon Squad?

    That demo is terrible. If I ever get around to redoing it, it's going to be redone. I don't even know why I released something like that to begin with :( Also, the completed version is on hiatus as well, so I don't know when it will even be started on.
  3. CacodemonLeader

    Happy Time Circus Speedrun

    This is an old run I didn't submit yet, but now I've decided to put it up, since it's nearly impossible right now for me to reproduce this. I use a jump trick at the beginning to skip all the way to the red skull key area, and I rocket jump at the area before the huge tunnel area with the Bertha Balloon at the end. Unfortunately, there is a trick that could have been used at the end, but I didn't know that until I checked it out after doing this successful run. It's an older run, and recorded with ZDoom 2.0.96, so you'll need that version to view it. Check the link here: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/demopage.html EDIT: Oh yeah, and this speedrun was done on the Ultra-Violence difficulty.
  4. CacodemonLeader

    How do you perform a glide?

    The game Hexen seems to tried it's best to prevent such a trick, but unfortunately they overlooked one possible glide at Heresiarch's Seminary, making it possible to leave the hub on the first visit.
  5. CacodemonLeader

    Hexen Skill 3 speedrun with Cleric (and newer Void Speedrun)

    I did with the larger version, but it seems that either you are using a newer version of ZDoom it asks for, or the larger filesize version of AotW has been modified somehow (EDIT: Actually, a new version of AotW seemed to have been released). And the demo through that level is outdated now. It was made obselete by this. Also, please not to off-topic, unless I'm missing something here.
  6. Aside from the newer Void speedrun that I did (due to the fact that the WAD was updated). The main reason here though, is because of a no death speedrun through Hexen, on Skill 3 using the Cleric. Both runs have their shares of tricks that are possible to do. Both the Hexen speedrun and updated Void speedrun can be found here: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/demopage.html
  7. CacodemonLeader

    "doom revenge" Any attempt?

    Actually, I kind of liked it. All it needed was some health balancing (not have health at like 999% all the time) and it would be much better.
  8. CacodemonLeader

    "doom revenge" Any attempt?

    I believe there was a project called DEiM(?) that was in the works that allowed you to play as an imp. Doom Rampage Edition isn't that good to me. It's not the unlimited ammo, it's the fact that your health is always too high and enemies drop health when they die (most of them anyways).
  9. CacodemonLeader

    Stuck in the Void

    The Skull keys are used differently in Void. If you get one, return it to the room where the Dark Bishops are found near the pedestal which reveals a horned skull wall. Just go near that pedestal with the red skull key, and you will use it, and you'll see another area open up for you to enter.
  10. CacodemonLeader

    Favorite Ultimate Doom song?

    E1M1 - At Doom's Gate.
  11. CacodemonLeader

    WikiWiki DoomDoom

    Super Sonic DOOM section added, yet it lacks much info right now: http://doom.wikicities.com/index.php/Super_Sonic_DOOM
  12. CacodemonLeader

    Super Sonic Doom demos

    I did two more demos here. One is a Sky City Zone act 1 speedrun, and greatly improved from my previous one. This time it was completed in 2:51 on Ultra-Violence. It is here: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/clssdm23uv.zip Plus, I have another demo for this level, but this time it is a pacifist speedrun, and just about every enemy (including the mid-boss) is skipped. The final time for the demo is 0:45 (I saw the final time before the next act started). Pacifist run is below: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/clssdm23sp.zip Both of these demos require Zdoom 2.0.94f.
  13. CacodemonLeader

    Super Sonic Doom demos

    I did another demo for Super Sonic Doom, this time a speedrun through Act 2 of Sunset Forest Zone in 5 minutes and 34 seconds on Ultra Violence. Unlike the demo for Sky City Zone act 1, I ended this level with 100% health and 100% armor. I managed to get to the boss battle some times, but for a couple of the attempts getting there, I either died by the cannon or during Envy's speech (I got smitten by a Cacodemon there). Well anyways, here's the demo: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/clssdm04.zip Oh, and you will need Zdoom 2.0.94f for this demo too.
  14. CacodemonLeader

    Super Sonic Doom help needed

    Actually, I should of mentioned one thing before: I managed to push the barrels out of the way to get to the switch, but there is no way back after flipping the final switch. Shamefully, I had to noclip through the wall that lead to a hall with springs which send you back to the other side where the bars lowered behind you. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not to be trapped in the room and finding another switch after triggering the switch in that area (not the one to a secret!)
  15. CacodemonLeader

    Super Sonic Doom demos

    Super Sonic Doom: Sky Zone, Act 1 Speedrun, Hurt Me Plenty This took me a lot of attempts to do, about nearly as much as going through Void (I really wasn't counting the number of attempts, but oh well). Anyways, this demo shows me speeding through the first act of the Sky City Zone. A few tricky jumps were made to save alot of time and hardly needing any keys to get through (the only key I needed to get was the one for the gate before the boss of the act). The total time came out to be 3 minutes and 27 seconds, and due to some mistakes during the boss battle, I ended up ending the act with only 4% armor and 2% health. Now, without further ado, I present the speedrun of Sky City Zone, Act 1! Click on the link below to download: http://www.geocities.com/conversiontotal2000/clssdm23.zip EDIT: Oh yeah, and in case you forgot, ZDoom 2.0.94f is needed to run this demo.