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  1. hnsolo77 said:

    this is due to the eXmX format we used

    just hit ` to bring up the console and type in E2M5 *for example* to take you to that level, the secret levels are either M0 or M10

    That doesn't work either. I type in E2M5 and hit Enter and it returns "Unknown command." BTW, I'm playing Zpack in ZDoom ver. 2.2 if that makes a difference.

  2. The portal gun is a very cool weapons mod indeed. My compliments to Cutman. However, I found it very frustrating to use effectively at first, especially when it was required to solve a puzzle. I almost gave up in the first map. Then I found a full game demo on one of the zdoom.org forums and saw how a pro uses the portal. I was using it all wrong. The demo advanced my learning curve dramatically. It was posted by a guy named Stinky. Here's the link:

    A couple of maybe stupid questions:

    Is there a way to slow down or "rewind" demos? That Stinky guy makes some moves that are so quick I have to play the demo over and over to see what he actually did.

    Like others, I keep accidentally running into previously opened portals. I know an "inventory key" is made available to close all portals. How do I operate it?

  3. Enjay said:

    Interesting. My feeling from reading this thread is that most of the WADs being suggested are relatively recent. Kind of like those awful TV shows where the 100 "best" songs/movies/whatever get chosen and 95 of the best 100 were apparently made in the last 4 years. Are there really so few old "historic" wads?

    We need someone who knows the archives intimately, like Grazza, to make some suggestions.

    I'm late joining this thread, but you make an excellent point. There were many great wads made in the mid- to late-'90s era. Some of the best and most innovative were made by a guy named Jim Flynn. No list of historic wads would be complete without his best levels. (I can't remember the names of them anymore.) Flynn used to be the moderator of the Doom message board on Compuserve. How many of you remember those days? He banished me several times for rules violations, including mentioning the name "Aliens TC" in a post. Back in those days, Aliens TC was alleged to contain gross copyright violations and the mere mentioning of its name on Compuserve was grounds for a one-week banishment. Whatever happened to Mr. Flynn? He must be an old fucka today, like me.

  4. |XTerk-RS| said:

    Hi, here is a link where you can download a full setup ready to play.

    Doom 64 TC with outcast levels:


    Thank you so much for posting that link. I've been wanting to play Doom 64 TC for years. I downloaded the files from the official site, but I could never get the game to work and finally gave up. I downloaded the full setup file in your link and it works like a charm. Whoever put it together gets my compliments. It even includes the "Outcast Levels" as a second episode. That makes a total of 46 levels. I'll be playing this bastard for weeks..

    For anyone else who may be playing these levels for the first time, here's a link to a web page that has maps, walkthroughs and secrets for each level in case you get stuck:

  5. pabloD said:

    oh yes, thanks everyone that played the episode. i thought was going to be either forgotten or just completly ignored :-)

    I agree with Searcher; any levels that you and/or Tobias are involved in will not be ignored. I hope the problem I had with map 46 doesn't give anyone a wrong impression. It was a very minor problem in an otherwise entertaining and top notch set of levels. I just wish I could find half the secrets....

  6. pabloD said:

    when you go into the red key room, and the doors close, you have to kill the barons and then the doors will open along with the exit door, and some more monsters will pop in there after that too.

    I killed every monster in that room including the ones that popped in there afterwards, but the doors remained closed. I had to load an earlier saved game and use a different approach as noted above. Don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using Zdoom 2.1.7.

    By the way, what was that Commander Keen doing in this map?? Part of a secret I missed?

    P.S. Somebody should post a secrets list for this set of levels. I just finished map 47, but I only found 1 out of 4 secrets.

  7. Megalyth said:

    I couldn't figure that out either. I just noclipped after several minutes of wall humping and wasting ammo looking for a shootable switch.

    Starting from an earlier saved game, I retraced my steps and by accident figured out how to exit the level. Once you open the red key door, you don't want to go through it because it will close behind you and trap you in that room. Instead, I opened the red key door but did not go in. As monsters teleported into the room, I mowed them all down from the doorway. Then I went around to the *other* door to the room (on the east side) and entered there. To my surprise, the exit door in the back had opened.

    Map 46 has a weird feature that may or may not be related to this. You can't see it unless you use noclipping (or maybe there is a secret entrance I missed), but in the corner of the red lava rock area in the middle of the map there is a Commander Keen. When I noclipped into that area and shot him, that also opened the exit door.

  8. Use3D said:

    Chris Hansen's and Chris Lutz's work buried amongst the crap, be sure to download them posthaste!

    I agree with you on Chris Hansen's work, but Lutz's wad was too hard for me even on HMP. I got tired of saving games, getting killed and loading games - over and over - and gave up about a third of the way through. Maybe I'll have a go at it again when I haven't been drinking beer all night.

  9. DomRem said:

    Here's a quick demo of the trick being performed. (requires a port like PrBoom)

    Thanks for the demo. Now I see what you're talking about, but I cannot duplicate that trick in either PrBoom or ZDoom. I tried and tried but could not get past the fence. I have no idea why some can do it and others can't. Maybe your guy has longer arms than mine?

  10. Not sure what you mean. I went back and tried it again. There's no way I can grab the red key until I push the switch that moves it out of the "cage." In this new position an easy bump grabs it, but I'm sure it was designed that way.

    P.S. What "last report" are you referring to?

  11. Bastet Furry said:


  12. Beluga - didy
    Boom Compatible - Solo Play - 781 KB - (img) (img)
    Nice overall map, but health is a bit sparse and i had to cheat my way through the red door. Might be my stupidity, or this needs to get fixed.

  13. I don't think anything in this map needs fixing. I didn't have too much trouble getting the red key. Overall, this is a very good map. I think it should have received Map Of The Week. It will be a shame if people don't download it because they were erroneously told it needs to "get fixed."

  14. I know the rest of you are way past this wad, but I'm back at it again after putting it aside for a couple weeks out of frustration.

    I'm up to Deck 5 and I finally found that friggin' red key on Deck 3. Now a control panel on Deck 5 says I need a blue access card to install new software. Where is that?

    Also, other posts talk about pipes and windows that need to be shot out as part of the decomtamination procedure or something. Where are these?

    Please post spoilers, not hints.

  15. MaximusNukeage said:

    you look like your gonna be real productive.

    RTC-3057 rocks the dance floor

    edit: i loved the disco floor code thing

    That code thing on the dance floor DOES rock. The cool thing about it is how the code was posted on a monitor in another room. Didn't know what the hell it was at the time, then I see that disco floor. I'm gonna love this wad...

  16. I'm just finishing Deck 4. I can exit to the next level (Deck 2, I believe), but there are three areas I can't get into in Deck 4: the second sleeping room, Cell #1 and the room with the chaingun. I thought I was pretty good with puzzles, but these have me stumped. Somebody please post or send me the solutions. Or make demos of each level available. That would be cool.