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  1. elborbahquarama

    Cacowards 2024 Mentionation Thread

    the first bite of squenched avacausage is my favorite wad that came out in the last four years, please don't sleep on that one everybody
  2. i played this a second time because this is the most fun i've had with anything released after i started playing a lot of wads, i'm happy i checked it out after seeing beewen's comment, i think the first level is still my favorite because of how much there is to it and the distinct identities that a lot of the spaces have and the dream-like quality of the layout as a whole feels at it's strongest here (reminds a little of the stuff from my favourite level designers like azamael or toasty), despite the level being linear it just feels like a playground of ideas to have fun in and not something you have to progress through (which i guess makes sense if it's the first level you built, just toying around instead of going for something specific), but i also really like level 3 a lot because of how cool the setting is and i adore that frickin bar and then when you shut down the cute machine after jumping around on piles of garbage, yeah, and level 4 feels a little bit more like a normal level in many ways but that fleshed out sense of adventure kept it exciting for me and reminded me of some of the stuff people like didy would do back in the days regarding what it's been compared to, i enjoy this so much more than the big ambitious doomer boards wads like auger zenith and zeppelin armada because this is not nearly as much about the "world building" and complex visuals than it is about the ideas and designs, there's a lot of diversity between the levels and it tries to run with a bunch of different things, the decoration is actually quite simple but just tasteful and balanced but still exciting because its focused on the more strange and surprising elements, and i also like it more than mouldy's levels and going down because this is so much more unique and bizarre and unpredictable, it doesn't feel like there's something here you can quite put your finger on, it never feels like a professional product and more like a crazy object you happened to put your hands on, yeah it's like not something that tells a proper story that's supposed to make sense and you can put into words, there's more to it which is why its so cool, and regarding the russian stuff, outside of it being pretty ambitious and kind of wip i don't see much of any connexion with voyager (and am sorry to say that when it gets properly released, i will only have eyes for it and forget about everything else, this wad included, but i mean it's already been mostly finished for years and i've been obsessed with it for a while so what's new), but outisde of the 2 or 3 big general ideas this obviously has in common with a.l.t., i think what this reminds me of the most are the works of bigmemka because of how "dirty" and "messy" the environments are you also mentioned wanting to use monsters in a way that makes us feel like we're interrupting in their daily life which is something i love, i feel like it's one of the best tools doom has to offer to create interesting spaces and i love the job you did with it here, and i always like when the spiderdemons and cyberdemons are used as a hazard to bypass instead of something you properly have to deal with so you got me there i think i enjoyed this less consistently past the first four levels, with level 7 being my least favourite, not because it's bad by any means but because it's the one that feels the most like a regular doom level that could be in any other wad, but i still had fun all around, especially with level 8 because i like the use of the hub layout, that iron skull is adorable (so is the hidden painting, would love to see you do more stuff with paintings used as decoration in the future) and i love the computer area in the north, and level 11 which has a bunch of very cute spaces, level 9 i adored the setting but the level design didn't do much for me, which is absolutely fine really because this wad has a bunch of variety and i really like that this level is more about the narrative, and the in-betwixt levels are of course a very welcome touch, they allow us to breathe and make the whole thing less exhausting, and i pretty much always enjoy the "messing with you" kind of levels so there you go the frequent dickish traps are one of the things i care the less about in this wad, just not my thing really but i've had much worst and the clever use of monsters to make the world feel alive in bizarre touches more than compensates, and some of those encounters are still super creative (that part with the two conveyor belts in level 1, it's crazy and hilarious, i love it and want to see that kind of stuff in every level i play) i can't wait to see the difficulty settings added to this so it becomes easier to recommend it outside of the doom community, as this might be a bit too intense at the moment, but for me this was already much more reasonable than a lot of stuff i've played, i really like how much items there are, those invulnerabilities like at the end of level 5 are so much fun and are one of the reasons i always play wads with difficulty settings on easy, it's much more enjoyable to me to play this way and people often shy away from giving them because "it makes it too easy" (zzzzzzz), same for all those cells in level 9, it would have been a chore to me otherwise but here i just blasted through those guys, so thanks for that i don't enjoy this quite as much as the things i personally compared it too, i think it's a little bit too "in your face" and effects heavy in places for my liking, and a bit more polished and "under control" than my ideal stuff, but with the general idea you're going for this is kind of as close as it gets you mentioned several times being too busy with other stuff to work on this, is there some other creative efforts or other things you're involved with you would be willing to share here or is it only stuff best kept for your private life? just curious what you're up to
  3. i'm no specialist of the doom modding scene but this has to be one of the most interesting wads to come out in the last few years, right? i'm sorry for doing lame shit-talk but at least it is to me much more exciting to play than most of the very popular ones that people talk about non stop, and the fact that it is made by a self-claimed community outsider makes a lot of sense in that regard imo
  4. elborbahquarama

    Charred 3 Map Demo

    well i for once was wow'd by the last screenshot here and a couple of other rooms in this, whatever that's worth, and to hell with things that screenshot well and people's boring expectations, this is old school baby
  5. elborbahquarama

    Cacowards 2024 Mentionation Thread

    just like i supported the author's previous wad, i also wish to shout out osterity, while i'm not necessarily in love with everything he makes, big ol billy brings a strong personal sensibility to the table and it is the kind of voice i would be glad to see celebrated regarding something a bit closer to my personal tastes, i would also like to bring some attention on "la gran alameda", it is a much smaller wad than a lot of stuff that gets mentioned here but i don't care, another wad by cacodemon187 got written about in the previous cacowards but i had a stronger connection with his last three city levels, i'm really into his style and i think he's one of the currently active doom level designers i'm the most curious about which is probably not surprising given our shared love for the marathon games and a.l.t. :) he's got something going on here, and his attempt at starting a revival of the hyper active imp and tiny cyberdemon from strain is a sight to behold, i'll glady play his future wads
  6. elborbahquarama

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    don't worry there's no hurry at all!! check it out whenever, enjoy your vacation
  7. elborbahquarama

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    the name of the level is in the picture already but i should have properly credited it just in case, it's from mano laikas
  8. elborbahquarama

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    yes of course sorry, i sent it to you in private messages with the authorization of the author
  9. a member and level designer of the collective wad project i'm part of and playtesting for lives in texas and has gone offline several days ago and even though i'm sure he's safe we're naturally worried for him, so i thank you for bringing awareness on the matter through your personal vision, there is a lot of interesting ideas in this wad as always with your work
  10. elborbahquarama

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    thank you! yes i was looking for the first one, and i should have taken the time to check on the wayback machine, but i was just surprised that the only link available didn't seem to work given how this wad seemed popular back then
  11. elborbahquarama

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    i'm looking for a link to download the gzdoom wad "reelism", the only link i found is on an official website but it doesn't seem to work anymore unfortunately
  12. elborbahquarama

    This is Woof! 14.5.0 (Apr 30, 2024)

    hello, unfortunately i have no proper experience with level design tools so i'm not very qualified to report this, but i'm currently playtesting for a collective wad project that uses mbf21 compatibility and recently somebody had a problem we didn't find an explanation for: when using woof, some scrolling floor textures in a level appeared to scroll at a very high speed (much faster than some of the others), but only when playing with uncapped framerate, i play with 35fps limit and it doesn't happen then, and it doesn't happen at all in dsda-doom, so i thought this was strange, i hope this can help
  13. elborbahquarama

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    the only place in the universe that accepts us
  14. elborbahquarama

    Defaulting to Ultra Violence is terrible, and here's why

    i've never designed levels so i'll talk from personal experience and just say that you are going to have a very hard time convincing me that a level is genuinely interesting if you also tell me that i can't fully enjoy it when playing on easy lol i will always keep playing every level on easy the first time around, and only if it makes a strong impression on me then i'm going to replay it on normal and hard simply because i enjoy being in this space you built, and when i do most of the time the biggest differences i notice is that the boss guys (the spiderdemon and cyberdemon) appear, which i always find to be a very funny touch (and also sometimes the weapons become harder to reach and more of a mystery) i use doom wads as a tool to discover and explore unique and interesting worlds, and even though i love the original game and its monsters more than anything, i've already fought them a thousand times and i just eventually need some of them to keep me company on my journeys and create a bridge between me and the space so i can properly engage with it, but i can't possibly be bothered to spend hundreds of additional hours shoveling my way through legions of them, the only thing levels with no proper difficulty settings that force this kind of experience on me manage to do is strongly make me question what i'm allowing my time to (i also understand that this an amateur community and that a lot of people are already annoyed by having to do thing placement and doing difficulty settings can be very tedious and nobody owes anybody anything around here because it's all for free, i'm a grown up and able to take things as what they are)
  15. elborbahquarama

    Equinox demos [-complevel 2]

    can't wait to see the day somebody makes a "uv-max" TAS of level 13