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  1. @A Handsome Fridge can you play my maps next? (41 and 45)
  3. okay, i've completely bug fixed map 45, next i need help with 41.
  4. i think so, but i can't make the entity numbers any higher so...
  5. I finished both of my maps, but they are super buggy for no reason like they work if i just play my individual maps on my computer but it doesn't work in ramp for some reason
  6. all of the custom enemies in stealing from the vault won't work class MOMO : ChaingunGuy { Default { Health 300; Radius 20; Height 56; Mass 100; Speed 8; PainChance 170; Monster; +FLOORCLIP SeeSound "momo/wakeup"; PainSound "momo/wakeup"; DeathSound "momo/death"; ActiveSound "momo/active"; AttackSound "momo/wakeup"; Obituary "%o got haunted by Momo"; Tag "$FN_MOMO"; Dropitem ""; } States { Spawn: MOMO AB 10 A_Look; Loop; See: MOMO AABBCCDD 3 A_Chase; Loop; Missile: MOMO E 10 A_FaceTarget; MOMO FE 4 BRIGHT A_CPosAttack; MOMO FE 4 A_CPosAttack; MOMO F 1 A_CPosRefire; Goto Missile+1; Pain: MOMO G 3; MOMO G 3 A_Pain; Goto See; Death: MOMO H 5; MOMO I 5 A_Scream; MOMO J 5 A_NoBlocking; MOMO KLMNOPQRSTU 5; MOMO V -1; Stop; XDeath: MOMO H 5; MOMO I 5 A_Scream; MOMO J 5 A_NoBlocking; MOMO KLMNOPQRSTU 5; MOMO V -1; Stop; Raise: MOMO V 5; MOMO UTSRQPONMLKJIH 5; Goto See; } } and yet it won't work! is "ChaingunGuy" not in it?
  7. what do i go for the song not working
  8. also the song doesn't work properly
  9. one of my items in the map library of hell isn't working the wolfenstein food won't work @DavidNcan you see if you can fix this?
  10. yay, I finally completed library of hell after all these months.
  11. ok, time for me to stop slacking off, I gotta finish my maps!
  12. okay I fixed it, phew!
  13. oh shit, i forgot to change the mapinfo numbers of the items and new enemies i made, so now it thinks one my enemies from the stealing from the vault level is a wolfenstien machine gun!
  14. I need help with this
  15. Go to the download snapshot version section, thats where the map list is
  16. There is a lot of bugs I need help with fixing
  17. Ash4ash

    Sewerslvt has returned, now known as Cynthoni

  18. if you go on someone's user page it says their most recent post was december 2023, even if they have posted after that
  19. Ash4ash

    What are you listening to?

    Now You're Shattered - Straight Shooter
  20. I'm so hyped for the next one, it's only a month away, time had gone by fast
  21. Ash4ash

    What's that movie I saw that time

    oh I was thinking of a different one