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  1. I remember long time ago there was a "BubbleGum Crisis" patch or wad kind of thing for Doom (or was was it Doom2?) anyway did search but site dead. anyone have link or have it? or any info on it?
  2. geniv

    problem with Jdoom and wAD

    btw: the error message I got was something about reading line "0" in the Jdoom DED file. actually Jdoom is pretty good eye candy with the 3D characters. anyone got any suggestion to my problem? Legacy is pretty good but just not as sweet without the 3D enemies
  3. geniv

    problem with Jdoom and wAD

    Just wondering, I insalled Jdoom 1.0 and then install the jDOOM 1.11 patch to replace some files. now most of the WAD that use to run with the version 1.0 don't run anymore. anyone got a fix for the v1.11 to let me use my wads again? t hanks
  4. geniv

    which Doom engine to use?

    actually the lens flare can be disabled in Jdoom. yupe ZdoomGL is very unstable. for now I use Jdoom and Legacy doom. Jdoom is good eye candy but some wads that have like soome new texture or enimy don't really display peroperly in jdoom. ex. mummy2 but legacy doom sometiems havetexture tears in certain wad whre jdoom don't
  5. geniv

    which Doom engine to use?

    thanks for the help. I tried Zdoom it's pretty good. I don't really seeany difference in game btw: other port of doom. (I mean single play, don't know about multiplayer) how come u can't use more that 8 bit color in zdoom? can't seem to download the MD2 files to run zoomGL with anyone have any other link to the files other than the 3Ddownload site? can't seem to get the files from there
  6. geniv

    which Doom engine to use?

    Just discovered Jdoom a few days ago and was hook on doom all overagain. anyway there are soo many version of doom out now zdoom,legacy doom, jdoom, vavoom. what version of doom do you people think its the best. so far I like Jdoom because of the 3D enemies but Legacy doom dooms seems to be more compatiablie with other WADs btw: after Quake2, unreal tournement. spoiled me I have to have a version that uses my 3D acclereator :)