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  1. G MONEY $$$

    "Communications Transfer" Help

    Ok well I'm at the place where you go down the ladder outside of the base and all the Trites are there. I can't figure out where to go when I'm outside, the trites keep attacking me and I run out of oxygen before I can find where to go. Can anyone tell me the approximate direction to go?
  2. G MONEY $$$


    Where can a find all the textures, and can I edit them in Photoshop?
  3. G MONEY $$$

    Doom 3 Screenshots

    I whole-heartedly agree that's why I want more screens lol. I want this to be Manhunt/SoF2 gorey and violent. :D
  4. G MONEY $$$

    New Mancubus

    Is there a screen up on the net? If so, link me. :)
  5. G MONEY $$$

    New Mancubus

    That's what Mancubus will look like lol. I got it with my pre-order.
  6. G MONEY $$$

    Doom 3 Screenshots

    Could somebody please post more pics of the dismemberment. I'd like to get a good look at that lol.