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  1. This could be something on my end, but I do find Vulkan slightly more unstable overall. MyHouse for instance has crashed a couple times on startup, something that never happens with OpenGL. Performance is far better under Vulkan though.
  2. Software for "classic" Doom (4:3, no interpolation, no freelook etc) hardware for everything else.
  3. HontE remastered is one of the better ones for Doom 2.
  4. wran


    Erm... why was the main thread locked? Seems kinda random. On topic: No idea if ushers in some sort of a mapping renaissance but either way I think it's opened many people's eyes to whats possible with modern Doom and that's cool.
  5. Just to add to this discussion since no-one has mentioned it yet: the author gains nothing either financially or even in terms of notoriety from the popularity of MyHouse (in fact they have explicitly stated their desire to stay anonymous). I feel like this combined with the clearly incredible amount of work that went into it's creation has more than earned them the benefit of the doubt that the grief expressed both within the map and the metanarrative is authentic, even if the details have been fictionalised. Some might argue otherwise, fine, agree to disagree. But to call their actions "disgusting"? I have no words.