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  1. Terso

    Green Pile 13

    Cool comics, man! I like them.
  2. Terso

    I know someone who hasn't heard of DOOM

    Heh, yeah, show them Doom 1 all the way to Doom 3 so they can see how much it's improved and how good the developers are.
  3. Terso

    The "I'm not playing DOOM 3" thread

    My system totally sucks, so it looks like I won't be playing Doom 3 for a while... Well, until I save up enough money to buy another computer. Argh, I'm not even gonna bother. Doom 3 might not even live up to my expectations.
  4. I can't remember much of when I had my first Doom experience. All I remember is having it on my old computer a few years back.
  5. Okay, they work now. Sweet, they look awesome. Especially that Winged Demon guy.
  6. The game just came out about three days ago and now there are fag's trying to stuff it up already.
  7. Terso

    Monsters evaporates

    Heh, heh, got you there, dude.
  8. Terso

    What was your favorite Doom and why?

    Hmm, I'd say Doom 2.
  9. Uhh, dude, the pics of the Undead Character and the Winged Demon have a red x...
  10. Terso

    Art contest #9 Voting!!!

    Voted for Silver guy.
  11. Awesome artwork, dude! The mouth sort of reminds me of The Predator.
  12. Terso

    Most famous Monster

    The Imp.
  13. Terso

    Doom 3 Wallpaper

    I agree with Amaster, the image with the dead guy kind of messes it up a bit. Good work anyway, though.
  14. Terso

    Action DooM Fan-art

    Heh, freaky picture.
  15. Terso

    flame my off thread gif!!!