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  1. odex


    Nice :)
  2. odex

    Doom 3 keyboard

    Haha, looks ugly as hell, but I'd give it a try.
  3. odex

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    Yeah, this is a common bug, sometimes it works again after you restart your editor. Otherwise, type "editlights" in Console, editor console.
  4. odex

    Doom3Radiant interface tips

    How did you get the four windows up like that? Doesn't work here.
  5. odex

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    Yeah... I didn't try very hard though, guess I got used to the way it is default. Just tabbing between the top, front and side views.
  6. odex

    Total Conversions in need of a SFX guy?

    Cool, I'll do those and send them to you when I'm done.
  7. If so, send me a PM and tell me about your project. I'm ofcourse willing to work for free, after all we do this for fun. I'm generally best at scary and creepy SFX but can make anything. I also make small music loops, for ambient music, scenery, soundtrack, etc.
  8. odex

    To transmit or not to transmit...

    It doesn't matter, you're doomed anyway.
  9. odex

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    Well, pretty sure, hehe. I haven't ran into any problems without having it there yet.
  10. odex

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    r_mode 4 is 800x600.
  11. odex

    for those who have played....

    Hell was hot :P Seriously though, very atmospheric, as the rest of the game, it's cool. The rest has been answered.
  12. odex

    Monsters evaporates

    Hehe, the link is in this thread, first page. Here you go: http://doom3.filefront.com/file.info?ID=28952
  13. odex

    Do you like the game?

    There's been made a mod for the dissolving, check it out.
  14. odex

    Do you like the game?

    ^ That sounds like a friend of mine, except he does it in real life, and while he's doing it it's impossible to get his attention.
  15. odex

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    Seems alot of people having "trouble" with this so I've explained here what I think is the best way of starting the editor. Starting the editor: Make a new shortcut for Doom3.exe and name it D3Editor or something. Right click your new shortcut and choose properties, and in the "target" area paste in this: c:\Doom3\Doom3.exe +editor +r_fullscreen 0 +r_mode 7 Remember to change the folder "C:\Doom3\Doom3.exe" accordingly to your installation. Explanations "+r_fullscreen 0" = Runs in windowed mode. "+r_mode 7" = Resolution 1280x1024. Set your resolution to the same you use in Windows, this way you don't have to change resolution after the editor is started, also the Hz isn't changed. r_modes options are as follows: 3 = 640x480 4 = 800x600 5 = 1024x768 6 = 1152x864 7 = 1280x1024 8 = 1600x1200 EDIT: UPDATE BNA says that: