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  1. mudbone

    IGN ROE Preview - New Info and Screens

    "...ionized plasma levitator..." How original, Iv'e always wanted to be able to levitate objects and use them as weapons! What a breakthrough.
  2. mudbone

    Doom 3 secret level!

    Does anyone know if there is a secret level in doom 3?
  3. mudbone

    Compulsive quick save/amo/health saveā€™er

    Does anyone know if you get to use the chainsaw on nightmare? TIA
  4. mudbone

    Last boss

    I thought it was pretty humorous!
  5. mudbone

    List of PDAs, keypad codes

    He set the code to 901, but i think it got changed to 931 or something like that.
  6. mudbone


    just use the other control button...
  7. mudbone


    They got eagle tooth chainsaws instead of sledg hammers, jackass
  8. mudbone

    doom 3 = average

    Not very impressed with the game after all the hype before hand. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy playing it, it's just that I expected a little more... Not really sure what , but something. Overall the game is fun, but too dark in my opinion (show off those graphics!) Multiplayer was fun for about 30 minutes but I can't see myself playing after the sp mode is finished. Not alot of replay value imo. -Mud
  9. mudbone

    Doom 3 Out There

    Three CD's is all it took. Kind of surprised, I thought it would be more.
  10. mudbone

    Doom 3 Out There

    \ No, it isn't fake actually. I purchased the game yesterday 7-31 and have been playing it ever since. Awesome tbh!