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    cyberdemon back in the original doom games were easy. beat that boss on first try. how is he hard? you want hard bosses - play dark souls 3. the doom bosses aren't them... this boss atleast has more stuff than just being a magnet for circle strafing and side strafing while firing.
  2. StarFyre

    it is NOT Old School?! did you all forget?

    one thing bout kill moves (what i call Fatalities :P ) is they do reward super aggressive play. its like Bloodborne, where once you got hurt, that life was white and some of it could be regained if you hit an opponent shortly after being hurt. Unlike dark souls, the dev team wanted more agressive play instead of hiding behind shields or dodging. I find myself, while i'm not that good, playing very agressively..trying to get in there, kill stuff, move back, dash in for a fatality and gain life/ammo, etc. And since playing on Ultra Violence, the life back is quite helpful :P Regards, Sanjay
  3. StarFyre

    how do you double jump in single player?

    ok no..im not that far into the game
  4. i have a jump button obviously, but it doesnt let me double jump as it does in multiplayer.
  5. StarFyre

    Bugs and other issues so far

    when i die... it says click to continue on a mouse icon image but nothing happens. after maybe 5 min of a loading screen i start hitting random keys and the menu comes up where i can then restart at checkpoint. sadly, game doesnt support eyefinity or 3d surround (multi monitors) so i got teh same image on all 3. need to find a way to make a single monitor profile. Dont like the new radeon setting tools :(
  6. StarFyre

    How are people getting an early copy of this game?

    was gonna check the walmart near me (boxgrove markham - suburb north of toronto) but twins acting up... (5 weeks old) o well. already pre downloaded via steam. if i could have picked it up today would have refunded from steam. forgot to call walmart to see if they even have it for sale though - not that i could have left home. right now one of them is sleeping on my chest...wife has the other :) :)
  7. StarFyre

    Open Beta Is Now LIVE

    Having fun with it...but some complaints: - doesn't support eyefinity (played Serious Sam 3, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 with 3 monitors and it rocks) :( - loadout of only a few weapons sucks :( was hoping it would play like Doom, Quake, Serious Sam, etc with any weapon you pick up. - movement seems a bit floaty; not sure why Regards, Sanjay
  8. StarFyre

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    Sorry, i wasn't clear: If anyone has been part of the alpha, or beta or whatever, from how it runs, do you think lots of people will need to lower settings? is this game as intensive as Metro, or Crysis 3, etc? I'm just concerned cause I run 3 monitors, but Far Cry 3 and 4 are fine with a few setting adjustments. Regards, Sanjay
  9. StarFyre

    [UPDATED] The DOOM System Upgrade Thread

    I run games @ 5760x1080 (Eyefinity 1080P each screen - 3x 27 inch monitors) Intel I7-3930K 8 gigs ram OCZ Vertex 3 SSD Sapphire Tri-X 290x So far, games like FarCry 4 i can run well, but i do have to lower some settings. I'm wondering how much i have to lower DOom to make it smooth on this PC. With twins arriving in 2-3 weeks, wont be upgrading. My plan is to upgrade when video cards can handle eyefinity 60fps maxed settings with 3 4K monitors. Friend who works @ one of the video card companies says that's still a few years away :) So want to get by on this PC for now. Thoughts? Regards, Sanjay
  10. StarFyre

    DOOM on Game Informer

    Are those creatures on the cover, running beside and in the background from the cyberdemon imps, or archviles? the purple tint and alien eyes makes it look more like an archvile. Referring to this pic: Regards, Sanjay
  11. StarFyre


    I think the alternate hellknight/baron (if it is a Baron) rock! I do not like the Mancubus at all...don't like it's design/look HOWEVER, I will reserve my hatred for it once I see it move. Could look awesome in action :) The maggot looks ok, but would like to see it move as well. My favs so far are the hellknights and zombies. Pinky is up there as well :)
  12. StarFyre

    Doom3 figures...

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=1193&item=5911183796&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW Uhm... Yeah...for that much money...hell no! Got much better miniatures to paint for that much... But it would be nice if it was cheaper...too bad prob. will never find it for cheaper. Called reaper and they said they don't have any older stuff like that in storage for order. Sanjay
  13. StarFyre

    First Doom 3 retail edition benchmarks!

    I must say I am slightly disappointed... I was hoping that my PC could handle 1024*768 with high detail but with no AA on. I will be running: Athlon 64 3200+ 1.5 gigs DDR 400 ram Radeon 9800 pro 256 To have a timedemo over 40, it appears will need to do 1024*768 with medium settings... One thing I have noticed, the average fps in timedemo mode is lower than that of the actual gameplay for the most part. I guess the timedemos for quake 2 and quake 3 were more intensive than average gameplay? My timedemos in quake 3 (on old PC) were never as high as some of the numbers I saw when running around in quake 3 in gameplay... Oh well...at least the game will run. I refuse to spend near $800 on a radeon x800 or GF 6800... will prob get one in a year or so once prices drop and friend can get em for half price... Sanjay
  14. StarFyre

    Its gonna be different?

    I wouldn't call the original dooms scary... blew thru them without that much problem. Even the cyberdemon, i blasted to bits the first time seeing it. Granted, I was at a distance when I first saw it, so it was easy to realize it used rockets and after that, not hard to dodge :) Doom 3 looks like it will be excellent and user mods will certainly try to stick in as many creatures as the mod team's PC's can handle :) Sanjay
  15. StarFyre


    Anyone hear if a team plans to make a D3-CTF variant? Just wondering...it and CaptureStrike for Q3 were my fav MP styles :) Sanjay