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  1. CapNapalm

    3 WADs That Influenced You the Most

    But that's simply not true. A lot of wads have had this design approach before, Scythe 1 and 2, Hell Revealed 2, Deus Vult to name a few and probably a couple earlier ones I'm forgetting.
  2. CapNapalm

    3 WADs That Influenced You the Most

    I'm really surprised at the amount Sunder is getting mentioned.
  3. CapNapalm

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's a door with an evil face and 2 blue banners to the sides. It's dirty brown water in the room. The correct path is marked by raised ceiling lights.
  4. Back in the day we always put exit switches in our maps ;) But thanks for the kind words.
  5. CapNapalm

    Question for people that did D1E4 on UV

    E4 is much harder than Episodes 1-3. More enemies and lots of Hitscanners in some areas that will eat your health very quickly. It's normal to feel that maps are very difficult especially after the (in contrast) very easy Episodes 1-3. As for you not having enough ammunition are you missing a lot? I don't recall any special ammo problems. Learn to love the shotgun.
  6. Meh I thought Half-Life 2's graphics were good back in the day.
  7. CapNapalm

    3 WADs That Influenced You the Most

    Only going to name PWADS. GothicDM: Showed me how good Doom maps can look. Jäger Mörder 1: Again amazing architecture and lighting. Tie between Chris Lutz' Inferno and Crusades: Great atmosphere in both. Not hyper detailed but a great sense of immersion.
  8. CapNapalm

    Player getting stuck in silent teleport lines

    Can you point to the wad where you are experiencing this problem? I've never encountered before I believe.
  9. Napalm Deathmatches http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/m-o/napdm01.zip Dear lord. I had obviously been playing too much GothicDM and thought I could compete.
  10. Are you kidding me? The lighting in DooM 3 was amaazing for its time. The entire beginning was highly atmospheric thanks in no small part to its graphics at the time. The gameplay quickly revealed some flaws about a 1/4 into the game but it was still alot better than a lot of people like to pretend it was.
  11. CapNapalm

    Pcorf Community Project 2 (Finished)

    Started a map let's see if I get it done.
  12. CapNapalm

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thanks. I plan on completing a half finished second map and then releasing it as a 2 map wad, hopefully soon.
  13. CapNapalm

    How do I change to the next map in Doom Builder?

    When you load the wad file in DB you should have a screen with a list of the maps i.e. MAP01, MAP02 etc. Make sure MAP02 is highlighted by left clicking on it and then click on OK.
  14. CapNapalm

    my first map [and #2!]

    Not bad at all for a very first effort. I wouldn't release it to idgames at this point but I've seen far worse maps uploaded to the archives. I really liked how you already seem to have a good idea of how to properly use lighting. One small bug I found is that you made one of the switches for the lift non repeatable effectively stranding the player in the blue key area if he pushes it too early. These maps would definitely benefit from a tad more detail and better texturing in some parts but there's a lot of potential here I think.
  15. CapNapalm

    I liked Doom before it was mainstream

    It was the exact same thing back when Doom 3 was announced. Suddenly everyone flocked to the doom sites and they were flooded with crap. One year after Doom 4's release everything will be more or less back to normal. We'll have gained a couple new people and the rest will be gone until they announce Doom 5.