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  1. aeroripper

    Original doom sound for all weapons

    Thanks! Exactly what i was looking for :-D :-D :-D
  2. aeroripper

    Original doom sound for all weapons

    Does anyone know of a mod that will add these? I'm talking all the original sounds for the weps for the 0)spiked fist sound 1)chainsaw 2)pistol 3)shotgun 4)chaingun (#5, not the small one) 5)plasma rifle 6)BFG 9000 i wonder if it would be easy to pull these .wavs out of the original and put them in new... at the very least i'd love to have the old plasma rifle sound back not the "uber high tech laser gun" sound :-D
  3. aeroripper

    Helping the Guy ***BIG SPOILER***

    I think I found that guy... STOP right when you hear him and look to the right and you open up a panel in the wall and climb down... then a imp kills him around a corner :( This is the part RIGHT before you go into that room where the "imp tube" comes up and guides you through the darkness...
  4. aeroripper

    Helping the Guy ***BIG SPOILER***

    lol! what a humanitarian! no, when i first encountered him i just jumped up and down in front of his face, then i started break dancing to the kickin beats of duran duran through the boombox!
  5. aeroripper

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    "What the fuck were you expecting, a parade or something?" like did you ever have those dreams when you wake up laughing and then you look over and find a clown in bed with you? Then what about those dreams where you wake up crying, and then you look over and theirs a dead clown in the bed next to you? the ending was kind of like that
  6. aeroripper

    how many have beaten doom 3?

    "What the fuck were you expecting, a parade or something?" lmao... well, i was expecting more clowns well that was only because the night before i beat it i woke up from a dream laughing because there was a clown in my bed... but after i beat it that following morning i woke up crying, because there was a dead clown in my bed :`(
  7. aeroripper

    Imps break world record for human towers (pic)

    Right click on the pic> go to properties > and copy that URL it lists there > open a new IE window and paste it there Those crazy imps... what'll they think of next
  8. aeroripper

    I am scared shitless lol

    need screenies :-D
  9. aeroripper

    Super Turkey puching 3 What is youre highest score?

    What's the e-mail say???
  10. aeroripper

    A cool little console easter egg.

    Remember the original cheat codes for doom? Type in : iddqd (old god mode code) idkfa (all weapons and keys IIRC) idfa (i think this was only in doom2, gave weps but no keys) noclip (still in doom3) can't remember the rest
  11. aeroripper

    Grid won't change

    The grid in the editor won't change! I go to grid> grid8 but it doesn't adjust on the acreen how come it won't refresh with the new grid size? :(
  12. aeroripper

    Question about the Ending (obviously contains spoilers)

    His cahoonas would both be the size of mars and plated in gold by the time he survived all that
  13. aeroripper

    Question about the Ending (obviously contains spoilers)

    I didn't know exactly what that was either... although i thought that last part was VERY movie like\quality My Possibilities: 1) He was a demon in disguise all along 2) He became a demon 3) He ate to many milk duds what do you guys think?
  14. aeroripper

    I *LOVE* the new beserk mode!

    Yea i saw it it was pretty cool *SPOILER* the whole tunnel of blood\guts\screaming thing (albeit similar thing done in event horizon) was pretty awesome another note... special effects in this game were AWESOME! Very impressed with the hell warp... even hell in general sooooooooooo many machines in this game... It felt like a scene from Terminator I at the end in some places :-D
  15. aeroripper

    Pierce Rogers? Does he exist?

    Yes he exists... i can't put a name to a face though... there were a lot of parts where guys gave you PDAs don't remember... hmmmmmm... nope still don't sorry :(