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  1. A655321


    Just increase the speed of the projectiles so it's harder to dodge his missiles. Easy enough.
  2. A655321

    double barrel shotgun!

    The butt won't be shown since it's the first person model.
  3. A655321

    My first Doom3 map (SCREENS)

    Consider this constructive criticism, since you've done more than I'm likely to ever learn, but you definitely need some more texture variation and more objects. Nice going though.
  4. A655321

    New Dr. Betruger skin finished!

    I just replaced the face textures, not the model. Everything works tip top.
  5. A655321

    New Dr. Betruger skin finished!

    But what about the player? I was thinking about DeNiro, but the face is mirrored and he has that distinct mole.
  6. A655321

    An excellent idea for reskinning Dr. Betruger

    Anthony Hopkins scares me a lot more than Betruger, so it works for me.
  7. A655321

    I wanna make a mod so frikken bad!!!

    There are long stretches of the game where the player is likely out of all ammo but shotty and needs it to clear out a room. You have no hope against 6 enemies with a slowly reloading double barreled.
  8. A655321

    New Dr. Betruger skin finished!

    Thank you. See? I'm not entirely useless.
  9. A655321

    Dedicated server > 4 players

    I think he was just speculating that someone would figure it out.
  10. A655321

    New Dr. Betruger skin finished!

    I and many others feel Dr. Betruger was of heavy influence from Anthony Hopkins http://florence.ghibellini.free.fr/obscur/Hannibal/Hannibal01.jpg To refresh your memories. http://img40.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img40&image=Hopkin.jpg What do you think? All I need is a place to host.
  11. A655321

    An excellent idea for reskinning Dr. Betruger

    I could swear they did. I checked the normal maps and if you stretch and skew the hannibal picture a bit for the features to match up, the wrinkles in the face are nearly exact. This might not be so hard after all, so I am doing it. It seems fine in 2d, but we will soon see how it truely looks. [EDIT]Also, at the release of every game there are tons of "wouldnt it be cool if" threads, but the frequency will ease down in a couple of months. There's no avoiding it, so just wait it out. Like I said, I'm not useless and am investigating many tweaks I might like to try and add to the game. [EDIT]http://img54.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img54&image=half_hopkins.jpg Half way through. Of course I need to change some things though.
  12. A655321

    Problem with editing textures, please help

    I didnt alter or add any alpha channels though, so shouldnt it go by whatever the game currently has?
  13. I recently decided to mod Doom 3 so that punches would leave knuckle marks instead of bullet holes. I created a folder in the DOOM 3 directory that was called "Punch Mod" In this "punchmod" i put "punchmod.pk4" Within "punchmod.pk4" were the folders "def" and "textures" In def is only "weapon_fists.def" I changed the decal from "hurt02.dds" to "hurt0666.dds" In "textures" is "decals" and in "decals" is "hurt0666.dds" "hurt0666.dds" is just a bullet hole with a green smiley face in it. I did this with photoshop then saved hurt0666.dds without changing any of the settings I was offered. I ran Doom and loaded the mod, then punched a corpse. Any polygons that the texture would have wrapped over instead entirely turned black. Is this because I edited the texture and didn't save it properly, or because I changed the path from "textures/decals/hurt02.dds" to "textures/decals/hurt0666.dds"? In either case or a 3rd one, how do I fix it? Also, I'm fairly certain there's a black and white texture that corrosponds with the decal that determines how translucent a certain area of the texture is. These are called alpha levels, correct? Where do I find the one for the bullet hole?
  14. A655321

    def files??

    Actually I believe it's pak000.pk4
  15. A655321

    An excellent idea for reskinning Dr. Betruger

    Don't give me your shit. This mod is beyond my talents, but I'm actively learning and working on things so at least I'm being productive in the community. Don't worry, I'm not a "Gimme gimme gimme"