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  1. Duffking

    dsda-doom v0.27.5 [2023-12-03]

    Is there any possibility that the big_ammo hud component could get the little ammo sprite next to it (bullets, shells, rockets etc) like the big_health and big_armor do? Would be the finishing touch on my current HUD setup.
  2. Duffking

    Source Ports on Steam Deck and what I've found

    OP - you need to check out Luxtorpeda. Grab ProtonUP from the discover store, and install the Luxtorpeda compatability layer. From there, set Doom to custom compatability options, and select Luxtorpeda instead of Proton. From there, you'll have your choice of engines - GZ, DSDA, DoomRetro, PRBoom, Chocolate, Crispy, Eternity... along with a few launchers. I do all my Doom on deck via DoomRunner launching into DSDA/Retro this way. Here's Eviternity on Deck using DoomRetro: And DSDA (the res is set manually to 640x400 for the crispiness, half the deck's res):
  3. Duffking

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    Gotcha, thanks. I'll get DSDA downloaded then. Thought I might get away with Retro as IIRC it has MBF21.
  4. Duffking

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    Having an issue with my left trigger in Eternity - the test controller picks up the axis fine, but binding controls to left trigger doesn't actually seem to do anything.
  5. Duffking

    dsda-doom v0.26.2 UDMF [2023-06-04]

    Interesting, looks like I need big_armor, big_health, big_ammo and the keys... though not sure what format the file I make containing the hud definition would be? I guess -hud filename can just go in my doomrunner argument though? I would just edit the lump, but not sure that file even exists with the way I have the engine installed. Edit: Ah I see I have to open the wad file and edit the lump via slade. Learn new things every day. All a bit fiddly though. Managed to get the health/armour showing along with ammo but would need to tweak the positions a lot, and keys didn't seem to show up. Might just stick with the tradtional status bar.
  6. Duffking

    dsda-doom v0.26.2 UDMF [2023-06-04]

    Hi - been using Luxtorpeda on Steam Deck to try various source ports and DSDA currently my pick as a perfect mix of controller support and classic feel, just pipping Doom Retro for me. But I have one minor issue - in PrBoom and DoomRetro, when I set the screen size to full (I didn't see a way to do so in the menu in DSDA, so I had to use the OSD keyboard to hit +) I get a nice minimal hud without the status bar (health/armour bottom left corner, ammo bottom right). In DSDA this gives me a text-based HUD instead. I was wondering does DSDA have a way to show the PRBoom version of the max screen size HUD instead?