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Everything posted by cgsouthern

  1. cgsouthern

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    Cyber demon had best model but i'd say toughest boss has to goto the guardian. The hells knights can put up a strong fight too.
  2. cgsouthern

    Killing Guardian in hell

    If you empty your BFG on him (shoot at the blue orb above him) at the start of the match its alot easier to kill him. Did anyone else think Sarg was easy to kill?
  3. cgsouthern

    Save/Load (DOOM 3)

    Catfood, Could you please explain how you got your saves to work while using mods?
  4. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Thats good to know Eragon!
  5. cgsouthern

    No quicksave mod fix??

    I got a small problem some of you modders might be able to come up with a solution for. I am using the PK4 uncompressed conversion on my PC. I noticed that when ever you run a mod you cant seem to use your quick saves. Any idea how to fix this problem?
  6. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    More bad news if you try this mod, seems you cant use quick save points while using a mod. I tried two of the nongibbing mods and cant seem to use my save points :( Someone please make make a mod so that this no longer is an issue, i'd try but i dont know anything about programing?
  7. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    This only seems to help the CPU only. you might be able to go up a frame size but i doubt any higher detail with older graphic cards since they cant seem to render all the neat graphics in high and ultra modes as quickly.
  8. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    I just got done installing more ram so i'm upto one gig. My frame rates are up another 5-10 fps too! At 800*600 im running at 40 fps and fights are from 25-30 fps! About to try next higher frame size.
  9. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    For those of you having issues let me explain the process of unzipping the pk4's, atleast the way i did it. Warning: may use in excess of 7-10 gigs. 1. Setup (2) temp folders. I used TempBase and DoomPK4 2. Cut and paste all files and folders from the doom3/base dir EXCEPT the Pk4 files. Place them into the TempBase Dir. 3. Using winrar extract ALL Pk4 files into the DoomPK4 dir 4. Put the xxxxx.pk4 files from the base dir. into a seperate temp dir for the time being incase you want to re-use them. Your base dir. should now be empty. 5. Cut and paste all files in the doompk4 dir back into the doom3/base. 6. Copy the files from tempbase dir back into doom3/base. Keep your files in this folder incase you want to restore it back the way it was. 7. Start Doom3 and Enjoy!
  10. cgsouthern

    Boost Doom3 FPS/Performance

    Type in 1/4 of your ram. Ive been told you dont really increase frame rate but rather smooth out game play.
  11. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Dj, because it just does ;) j/k Reason is the server looks at your game files for "alterations" and will not let you join the server. Chris
  12. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    If your getting over 50 fps dont bother messing with it, the games capped at 60 anyways!
  13. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Goliath, I think ID only did it to keep overall file size down. All this does is free's up the CPU since it no longer has to uncompress the pk4 files.
  14. cgsouthern

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    Seems to work pretty damn good, upped my frame rate to about 30fps walking around and low 20's high teens when im in a big fight. Running: 2 gig Athlon XP 512 megs of ram A7s333 board Radeon 9500 128 megs Running at 800*600 med quality everything but aa on Things to be aware of: -Doubles the size of doom3 -No MP -No less than 256 megs of ram 1 gig recomended -If your CPU is more than 3gigs it might not be worth trying.
  15. cgsouthern

    Hmmm.. [stupid specs thread #64,192]

    I agree, Radeon series kicks ass. I never have had issues with ATI drivers but Nvidia seem to have some bugs.
  16. cgsouthern

    So here we are..........

    Only 9 hours and 30 mins till best buy opens! Seems only like yesterday when i was rocking with doom 1 and the old compaq 486/33 and paying 200 bucks for 4mb more ram... ahh those were the days ;)