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  1. ModderOfGames

    Half-Life: Eternal

    used Source: FilmMaker to redo DOOM: Eternal's Steam Cover art with a bunch of Half-Life characters
  2. ModderOfGames

    Custom Enemy Recomendations

    looking to add some custom enemies to my WAD but I don't know where to look to get premade ones since I don't know how to code, anyone have any good sites to look? thanks
  3. ModderOfGames

    Sprite Swapping and New Attacks

    How would one go about making custom sprites for the demons, not new ones but simple replacements (I.e, DOOM 64 Shotgunner over the DOOM II one) I want to make a DOOM 64 style mod but not being able to use the Archie, Revenant or the other unused demons kind of sucks, so I'm wondering if there's a way to make custom sprites that I can replace the vanilla ones with
  4. ModderOfGames

    New to mapping, need suggestions

    I want to start mapping for DOOM 2, but I don't know which level editor or configuration of that editor is the best (as in, do I build for GZDoom or Vanilla DOOM 2?) looking for the suggestions of people that are 100% much smarter than me with this