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  1. DukeNukem

    Dreamcast DOOM Source Released!

    It's a plain port basically. No. I talked to crt0 and he explained to me how they didn't use the GPL version of the source. Basically they wern't and aren't required to release anything.
  2. DukeNukem


    Hello my loyal fans, I'm happy you enjoy my game. Would you like some tea?
  3. DukeNukem


    Do not mess with my sexy australian clan member.
  4. DukeNukem


    Would you idiots shut the hell up?
  5. DukeNukem


    I was before all those though...
  6. DukeNukem


    or whatever makes you happy ralphis.
  7. DukeNukem

    Clan Ressurection

    Who is this retard? Using our clan's name?
  8. DukeNukem

    Simple GBA question

    I'm no newbie. You sir are the newbie. Now please change your icon before I use some of mac's tricks.
  9. DukeNukem

    cyberdemon 2001 wip

    I use warez as a.......Try and Buy situation. If I don't like it, I usually never use it again. I had warezed heretic and hexen. But then I bought them because I liked them. I see no reason in having to pay for something you haven't gotten a chance to really get into. Like, some "shareware" programs don't allow saving and special features. Well, if I can't see what kind of cool features I'm gonna buy, why buy?
  10. DukeNukem

    Simple GBA question

    You need to change your icon
  11. DukeNukem

    first person shooter lounge 19

    keep me out of your retarded stories
  12. DukeNukem

    I'm back

    yea. /me takes a fresh breath of the new doomworld forum group