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  1. I've only beaten 7 maps so far and I'm really enjoying it! I'm super happy for this and excited to play more. Congrats and thanks to everyone!
  2. HackNeyed

    ReBOOM 2.06um (Updated November 19th 2021)

    Just 2 things to point out. 1. As discussed earlier for ReBoom, ReBoom-DOS does not display the Boom HUD at all when Always Show Stats are enabled. I don't know if you want to disable Always Show Stats when the Boom HUD is enabled or maybe just say in the Menu that they are incompatible. Not a big deal but a note might help users. 2. While playing around with ReBoom-DOS I found that if I change the Boom HUD from the default with everything in the lower left corner to the layout with health and armor in the upper right corner and then I switch back to the regular Doom status bar and then enable Always Show Stats I get the following image. Other Boom HUD layouts only seem to show the level name. I assume the Kills/Secrets are off screen or something. Repeatedly pressing the F5 key twice and then the Minus key lets me "scroll through" the layouts and see how it affect the status bar.
  3. HackNeyed

    ZZDoom 2.9.0

    This look cool but please, please tell me it stands for Zed Zee Doom Nevermind
  4. HackNeyed

    What are you listening to?

    From near the end of a concept album telling the story of a doomed world and a world devouring alien race. Lots of musical switch ups keep it interesting.
  5. I do understand. Sorry about that. I'll just play in PrBoom+ with the walk under option then. Congratulations on the release. You've done an incredible job. Thank you again for sharing it. :D
  6. Oh boy this is incredible! You have made an amazingly mind bending set of levels that both confuse the hell out of me yet guide me just enough to not get completely lost. I'm not very far in my play though but I've had a mostly enjoyable time. I've always thought of Doom as part fun house full of traps and mazes but you have really brought that sense of shifting reality to life. I wish I had found this sooner, this is fantastic. Thank you for sharing it! Unfortunately I do have one big complaint. Well, more like a lot of the same little complaints piled up. There seems to be a LOT of hanging body decorations that block the player for no apparent reason. I'm sorry but it is getting really annoying. I've warped to later levels and indeed the problem persists. My guess is that this wad was tested with the PrBoom+ setting "Walk under solid hanging bodies" set to yes. Unfortunately this option is disabled when recording demos or completely absent in other ports like Woof. The problem seems common with certain hanging bodies and chandeliers etc. Some bodies hang very low and are next to a wall so it makes sense if it is blocking and I don't find it too annoying like these... However, other decorations are higher up and either block access to walls when I was looking for secrets or worst of all they are hanging in the middle of a room or path and totally get in the way of navigating the room or avoiding enemy projectiles like these... Blocking Walls for no real reason (just some examples) Or blocking my path very annoyingly (just some examples) I know SOT is marked as final now (that's why I was warping ahead to check quickly) but I really hope these issue could be fixed because so far they have been the only bump in a very cool, very smooth and exciting experience. Like I said before demo recording and other ports will be affected by these decorations and that is very unfortunate.
  7. You are welcome but like I said you have shared some really cool work so thank you! I think it's a hard coded palette swap to some greens and blues so it might not be worth "working around it". It is a relatively new cosmetic feature and the HK's blood just happens to use the same greens in their glowing hands. Honestly I kind of like the idea of green glowing toxic blood for some of hell's creatures. BTW the orange eyes have really grown on me too. Good choice!
  8. This mod is beyond cool!! It adds so much atmosphere and my goodness the Cheshire Cat Caco and Jack O Lantern PE are gorgeous! I might be in love with them a little, is that weird? Anyway this is fantastic work and I really like it. Thank you for sharing I'm so glad I got to check it out! My heart brakes a little that the guys at id didn't think of this and spend a little more time fleshing out something this frickin cool into the base game. Well done! Are you sure? Ok here you go SoftFX-Bugs.zip enjoy?! i guess... P.S. I also have Woof's color blood enabled so the Caco and HK blood are unfortunately partly fullbright too. I don't know if that is really fixable or even within the scope of this mod but I'll point it out too.
  9. HackNeyed

    A DooM64 style Arch-Vile...Andboom blood

    For blood effects PrBoom-PlusUM and Woof (and Crispy-Doom, maybe others) have the ability to change the blood color for some of the monsters (Baron of Hell, Hell Knight, Caco) and DSDA-Doom/From Doom with Love support it though an optional DeHacked patch. It always kind of bugged me how blood splats would drop to the floor and disappear so I found this DeHacked example/wad that adds the effect to the game however it might not be compatible with other DeHacked mods.
  10. Is it "permanently" like for more then 10 seconds or just a couple extra seconds because the later actually happens for me in Doom2.exe in DosBox-X as well as other ports like PrBoom-PlusUM and Sprinkled/Crispy in SDL and OPL. It isn't in hardware recordings I find on YouTube though. Odd.
  11. HackNeyed

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Oh yes I think I remember seeing something about that. I actually made a second file in the zip for only Master Levels but I left the info in the included text file and out of my post. I've added it to my post. :)
  12. HackNeyed

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    Because I didn't want my chained up rubber suited sub slave taking any credit. Duh?
  13. HackNeyed

    Crispy Doom 5.10.3 (Update: Aug 17, 2021)

    I made this a while ago for myself and thought I might as well share it with the community. :) Doom2-Episodes.zip This is a simple patch wad replacing the original Doom's episode graphics found in Doom 2's IWAD. It will allow Crispy-Doom to display "episodes" with big red graphic text while loading the official addons. I'm sure plenty of you could easily make this and in less time then it took me. But you probably haven't have you? So don't waste your time and use mine! The graphics are not copied from the BFG Edition but created by myself using Fonts provided by Jimmy at the ZDoom forum (https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=33409), SLADE wad editor and the GNU Image Manipulation Tool. If you only have nerve.wad or both nerve.wad and masterlevels.wad use... "Doom2-Episodes.wad" If you only have masterlevels.wad use... "Doom2-Episodes-ML-Only.wad"
  14. So I was playing around in the atexit build wanting to check out the new carry fractional tic and -shorttics behavior. So far it is working great! Thank you. No more skipping inputs while recording and -shorttics works just as it should. However, if you, say, "accidentally" enable the -longtics command while recording at complevel 9 or 11 even though Boom/MBF does not support -longtics. You know, just to "see what happens" then, interestingly the carry fractional tic behavior is disabled and it skips inputs. Sorry! I hope I'm not being annoying as this is clearly a user "error" so I don't know if you want to account for it by ignoring -longtics while recording Boom/MBF like PrBoom+ seems to do or not. To be clear I'm not asking for anything to be done I just thought I'd bring it to your attention. :)
  15. :D I can confirm it is working with and without ENDOOM in both real and VM Ubuntu-Mate 20.04.3. Also works outside of gdb I just wanted to show the output. :) Thanks. You rock!