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  1. HackNeyed

    demo playback start with titlepic

    I'm pretty sure it's as simple as renaming the lmp to demo1.lmp and adding it to the -file command. glboom-plus.exe -file av.wad demo1.lmpWorks for me just like tatsurdcacocaco's videos. I just tested doom2.exe in DOSBOX and it also works. -EDIT- Odd, I'm using "Tatsurd-cacocaco DooM2 v1.9 5:56 CN" from http://doomedsda.us/wad84m215.html and it works fine as -file av.wad demo1.lmp in glboom-plus. However, in doom2.exe as -file av.wad demo1.lmp will desync shortly before the outdoor courtyard! Yet running doom2.exe -file av.wad -playdemo demo1 stays in sync!
  2. HackNeyed

    Doom 2 The Way id Did [Final Beta Released!]

    MAP22: Borderlands has a pit just outside of the exit room. The pit has a non-damaging lava floor and a non-functioning teleporting. I got stuck on my first play through and had to idclip out. Other wise I liked the level. Forgive me if this is bug report is repeated I only did a quick scan/search of the topic.
  3. HackNeyed

    Doom 3 BFG Edition IWAD patches

    Thanks! You might want to re-upload by the way, I was only able use the patch after I downloaded bsdiff from Here and used that copy of bspatch.exe.
  4. HackNeyed

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I just wanted to point out this annoying visual glitch with the Plasma Gun in hopes it could be fixed, please. When running forward or backward a white line flashes at the top of the Plasma Gun for a frame or two as seen in the pic below. It happens in Software mode at most resolutions and aspect ratios. The only way to lessen the effect is to force the aspect ratio to 5:4 which isn't too bad in a 4:3 resolution like 640x480 or 800x600 but very stretched in a 16:9 or 16:10 resolution and the white line still shows up a little less frequently. Tested in Win7
  5. HackNeyed

    Community Chest 4 (PUBLIC BETA PERIOD OVER!)

    Me too with ZDoom but not with PrBoom-Plus. I'm Loving this wad, it's heaps of fun.
  6. HackNeyed

    Mouse sensitivity

    cm/360 is probably the best way to evaluate sensitivity for mice. In game sensitivity means very little without knowing Mouse CPI and OS mouse handling. Never mind the variable acceleration adds to the whole thing. I keep the Windows slider at 6/11 for 1 to 1 movement and never use acceleration. I use 8cm/360 for Doom and same or similar for 'newer' games like Quakes, Unreals, Half-Life/2 and Call Of Duty games etc. I don't think I really adjust it for accuracy in other games but as related to the movement speed. As in Doom with always run = 8cm/360 but Call of Duty or Urban Terror might = 10 or 12 cm/360 because their slower movement speed makes the mouse feel 'too fast'. Although most of my non-Doom or modern gaming happens on XBox 360 where my MW2/3 sensitivity fluctuates between 2 and 4 mostly 3 and 4. I'd like it higher for close quarters, watching my own back and to compensate for stun grenades. I'd like it lower for accuracy at mid to far distances but I'd need to be better at knowing where the enemy are and/or have a team that could cover my back a little.
  7. HackNeyed

    XL Engine Merger Update

    Looks beautiful! Thanks for the update and all your work. I am so looking forward to a Blood Engine!
  8. HackNeyed

    What is the big deal about pistol starts in maps?

    (G)ZDoom autosaves at the start of every level so there is no real penalty for death while vanilla doom and most other ports do not autosave so the penalty for dying is to restart the level form pistal start. If a wad dose not allow for pistal starts and is not designed only for a port with autosaves then it is probably a liiittle broken. Also, yeah I hop to maps I liked in the middle of a wad for a reply with the added difficulty of a pistal start for a different experience then I might have had in my normal run though.
  9. HackNeyed


    Wow, I just checked and I use about 6cm/360 & no accel. It's probably so high in Doom due to the fast movement speed. I try and keep my sensitivity consistent across games but find myself making adjustments to my sensitivity in relation to player movement speed until it feels right for the game. For instance, my sensitivity is WAY too high if I were to play Doom without Auto-run.
  10. HackNeyed

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Could there be an option to have the game pause when PrBoom-Plus has lost focus? I'm running Windows and I have a few programs that often need my attention so it would be great if my game paused automatically when their message windows popped up. Especially when I have PrBoom-Plus in fullscreen! I noticed in the changelog "Alt mouse handling: Do not grab mouse if the application has no keyboard focus." So maybe this annoying usability problem could be addressed, please. Also, it's very nice to see mouse wheel support in PrBoom-Plus! If weapons could also be bound to the wheel button while maybe double bound to the keyboard I could retire my AutoHotKey script. Adding Next and Previous weapons would also make a gamepad very usable with some keyboard/gamepad remapping software like Joy2Key. Finally, if Fluidsynth were added as being discussed in the "Modified prboom+ for producing videos" topic it would be a dream come true and I would flip! Oh I am so very excited for PrBoom-Plus! Thanks!
  11. HackNeyed

    Disable Saving/ Loading?

    Yeah but when I play and die in a level I have to warp back to the level to have the classic "death penalty". Maybe if it were a user setting that only apply to Doom and Boom compat settings but was forced for ZDoom/Hub levels.
  12. HackNeyed

    Most overrated and most underrated doom port?

    Well, that used to be true a year ago until beetlejoose had nothing better to do. Doom95 mouse patch for XP available - now
  13. HackNeyed

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I found that I can launch the launcher by right clicking on the app and selecting Show Package Contents > Contents > MacOS > Launcher. Have to do it every time though.
  14. HackNeyed

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Soon it will finally work for my linux install and my wife's Mac so I just wanted to say... Thank You! :D
  15. HackNeyed

    Wolf3D source ports?

    That happens to me as well in Windows with v0.1k. It was fine at v0.1j but I don't think I kept the file and no older versions are kept on sorceforge. :(