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  1. The_Gennie

    Cameraman mod updates

    Good mod, very good mod
  2. The_Gennie

    Hispanic Community Project {3 SLOTS LIBRES}

    Disculpe por la pregunta, cuales slot hay disponibles?
  3. The_Gennie

    Recolor Enemy Sprites For No Reason

  4. The_Gennie

    FNAF 1 Map

    Thank you and about the output I think there is a problem with that but I am going to fix it and other problems you have.
  5. The_Gennie

    FNAF 1 Map

    comment if you like :D
  6. The_Gennie

    FNAF 1 Map

    One day I had downloaded a doom map from fnaf pizzeria 1, the map was old so I made some small changes to it like adding fnaf music and putting a camera on it, I really don't remember who made it or where I got it from, but oh well that's just a map (somewhat complicated) enjoy it. I also challenge someone to pass the map in the nightmare, that's bye Port:gzdoom 4.7.1, lzdoom, zdoom. map:FNAF.rar screenshots:
  7. The_Gennie

    Toxic.wad - 1 Map

    Hey, I already fixed the problem with the door, but once you get in, kill Baron Hell to get out. I'm also fixing some things on the map and making the second one, when I'm done I'll publish it.
  8. The_Gennie

    Toxic.wad - 1 Map

    It's beautiful!
  9. a new map for the Doom fortress mod, I liked how it turned out. The map is here, load it with zandronum and doom2 and the doom fortress that is there, play it in capture the flag, it is good to play it with bots. postscript: the map is entryway. The map:https://www.mediafire.com/file/c27c6edgcb6om44/map_two_sides_doom.rar/file here are some screenshots:
  10. The_Gennie

    Toxic.wad - 1 Map

  11. The_Gennie

    Toxic.wad - 1 Map

    Also what source port do you play with? gzdoom or zandronum?
  12. The_Gennie

    Toxic.wad - 1 Map

    How strange, in that part I said that when you go through the door it will close and you have to kill Baron Hell to open it but that's strange, that hasn't happened to anyone, sorry, I'm going to fix that and make some changes to the map, thanks
  13. The_Gennie

    I was bored... So I made this

    Very good
  14. The_Gennie

    Toxic.wad - 1 Map

    Thanks for telling me about the secrets, I really didn't know the problem, and I'll make another map :D