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  1. Rodzilla

    Flare Mod

    Yea, but I'm trying to get the next version done today, which is somewhat challenging :)
  2. Rodzilla

    Flare Mod

    Yea, it'd be nice if some documentation existed on creating a new weapon with a new mesh and such...damn this is going to take a while...
  3. Rodzilla

    Flare Mod

    Yea, that's why I don't really use it myself. I'm working on figuring out a way to make it so it's a separate weapon but you don't have to modify any of the levels for it...
  4. Rodzilla

    Flare Mod

    http://staff.seriouszone.com/rodzilla/doom3/ Simple really. This changes grenades into flares. Screenshots, more info, and the download at the link above.
  5. Rodzilla

    Self Shadows in Single player

    Turning on your own shadow adds a whole lot more to the game, you'd be surprised. There's those few times though when the lighting in the room will lead to my shadow appearing right in front of me or something and scaring the shit out of me, lol.
  6. Rodzilla

    Your First Time

    Heh, it was kind of sad. I was walking along scanning this room with a flashlight and I fell into a damn piston engine...owie.
  7. Rodzilla

    Game pauses with every new opened door

    I upgraded from 512 MB RAM to 1024 MB RAM and it's smooth as butter now. I guess it was swapping shit.
  8. Rodzilla

    Game pauses with every new opened door

    And those drivers are for an ASUS A7N8X?
  9. Rodzilla

    Game pauses with every new opened door

    Benchmarks have shown the 6800 Ultra being able to perform well even at 1600x1200, so why am I having these problems?
  10. Rodzilla

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    Just show them the back of the key manual..."Doom 3 is a terrifying sci-fi horror game experience. Blah blah blah" Then they'll understand :P
  11. Alright, this is driving me nuts. The problem I'm having is that every time I open a new door, the game pauses for a second or two. It's really annoying to open a door, knowing there's a monster behind it, and to just have the game take a break. My specs: AMD Athlon XP 2600+ ASUS A7N8X Motherboard GeForce 6800 GT Ultra (latest forceware) SB Audigy 2 (latest drivers) 512 MB PC2700 RAM Anyone know what's up? I'm running it at 1280x1024 on High detail.