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  1. DiluteCo

    So, I just played through Portal

    portal was okay but i got tired of jumping through shit after like the twelve hundredth level
  2. DiluteCo

    Model Problem

    Okay, so I'm trying to freaking put in a door, using a model. Every time I try to put one in (say for example mcitydoorframe.lwo) Its there while its highlighted. But after I deselect it, it dissapears, and says "couldn't create entity". Any ideas what the hells going on? Cause its seriously fucking pissing me off.
  3. DiluteCo

    iDoom 1.1 Released

    Hoo-fucking-ray, another goddamned doom port. so when are we gonna see it on an effing texas instruments calculator?
  4. DiluteCo

    Teaser Trailer For Some Movie

    You guy's are retarded. Anyways, I actually was pretty fuckin suprised, "wah its cheesy", thats what makes shit creepy. But then again I'm an 80's horror movie fan, and anyways, thats wtf doom REMINDED me of. An 80's horror movie. And theres huge resemblance to the doom 3 monsters in there, if you payed attention.
  5. DiluteCo

    New Pictures from Doom Movie!!!!

    I can't for the life of me figure out why you kids fucking argue over the most trivial retarded shit. In anycase, we knew this would happen. Stop acting so goddamned suprised. This is hollywood kids, it's conformed for the appeal of the masses, will be nothing of what we expect, etc etc. The only thing related to the damned game will most likely be vague generalities. People with guns fight things that are quite unpleasant etc. Don't expect an interesting plot. Some of you act as if by them making this movie they are raping a part of your family or some shit. It's just like how I dont understand censorship on tv, if you dont like it, turn it the fuck off. If you don't want your kids to hear it (which they will anyways so stop being such a conservative tight-assed fuckface) then maybe you should spend more time watching what the hell your kids doing, instead of making the world candy coat it for them because OH MY GOD IT MIGHT CORRUPT THEM. Too bad the real world will do that to them anyways. Those are my thoughts and screw you if you disagree. =P
  6. DiluteCo

    Zarkyb Presents: Doom 2

    Lookin kickass Zarky. Rocktastic.
  7. DiluteCo

    Doom Board Game (possibly Virtual)

    Wouldnt a doom board game like, totally defy what dooms about? You know....that whole..."action" thing? I dunno maybe I'm just not cut out for board games. =P
  8. DiluteCo

    creative works...as usual.

    Yeah, so i got a new midi prog the other day....and uh whoa. But I want you guy's opinion on my latest midi. http://dcind.mancubus.net/in_hell_we_live.mid wee! yay for digital music! yay!
  9. DiluteCo

    Most famous Monster

    the barrel
  10. DiluteCo

    anyone remember that site?

    yeah, it was something labs, it began with that fake uac text reports thing, i forget, anyone have any idea wtf im talking about?
  11. DiluteCo

    Favorite map of all time.

    is posting "whats your favorite...." threads a plague or something? good fucking god.
  12. heh, im doing the music.
  13. DiluteCo


    i dont get why everyone seems to say that shit about warlocks. "i dont like theyre tone" "they dont play right", i adore the fucking things. i'd get a les paul, but i need a tremelo bridge, so the next guitar im getting is a platinum warlock.
  14. DiluteCo


    :D thanks guys, the midi versions really for me to just lay my thoughts down, but i will be finishing it for Nanami's ZooM project. I'll make a post when the songs finished. also in my opinion midi is pretty much shit. i only really use it to do stuff i dont have instruements to really do it with, or if i feel like writing something i know i cant play. most likely the mp3 version will be much different from the midi.
  15. DiluteCo


    heh, i DID record the guitars twice, i always do that, dual guitar riffs would sound retarded all in one channel, and plus i know that 90% bands guitarists are assigned a channel. The drums and Bass were done in modplug tracker, and i prefer to keep my guitar playing a little loose, to keep from sounding fake and mechanized. http://dcind.mancubus.net/Music/shadowoutofhell.mp3 <-- the last mp3 i did before this one. btw all i use is a zoom fire 15 (15 watt or something) amp, and a computer microphone, and a few post-fx tricks. The guitars a B.C. Rich Warlock http://zarkyb.mancubus.net/dpa/diluteco.jpg