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  1. Cliff_Burton

    Barons of hell?

    I hope it goes as smoothly as that sounds
  2. Cliff_Burton

    Barons of hell?

    In the original doom the barrons were pink while the hell knights were grey. In Doom 3, before the portal to hell, I fought two pink hell knights. Were they barrons? Or was my image messed up somehow? I've fought both grey and pink hell knights. Also, does anyone know how to transfer save games from one comp to another? I was playing on my bros but now want to play on my own and I dont want to lose my save games.
  3. Cliff_Burton

    for those who have played....

    The zombie marines have good AI. They find cover and crouch and use well timed attacks. They also take make sure to be concealed when not shooting at you. As for the demons, they charge because they are friggin demons.
  4. Cliff_Burton


    yea a new opticle mouse is like only 20 bucks. You should really invest in one. Its such a necessary part and so cheap to upgrade.
  5. I'm very glad that id went with the new trite model instead of the stupid old model they had. The new one looked a lot creepier.

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    2. Quast


      spiders in FPSers piss me off

    3. Danarchy


      Quast said:

      spiders in FPSers piss me off

      Especialy the ones in Hexen 2. Grrr...frikkin bugs.

    4. Richo Rosai

      Richo Rosai

      I think we can all agree that they're better than frogs.

  6. Cliff_Burton


    I'll never understand how people can play a FPS on a gamepad. You cant beat the accurace of a mouse. I have halo for the Xbox and its so much easier to aim on the PC. I mean I understand why games like KOTOR can be more fun on a gamepad but FPSs were meant for the keyboard and mouse.
  7. Cliff_Burton

    Scary parts you liked so far

    I'd also have to go with the bathroom where you see the rotting face. I wasn't expecting that. Also there was the part where you hear wispering and then see blood footprints forming on the floor, walking towards you. That really freaked me out.
  8. Cliff_Burton

    doom III uk relese date

    aka good friday? wtf are you talking about. Acid is a bad thing my friend, stop taking hits.
  9. Cliff_Burton

    Anyone Notice This?

    you seem to be familiar with satanic sacrifices...
  10. Cliff_Burton

    doom 3 = average

    I dont know, I had pretty mediocre expectations for it. I thought it was going to be some boring FPS with crazy ass graphics. However, I am loving the gameplay more than I thought I would! I personally think a 94 is a very fitting review.
  11. Cliff_Burton

    Should I buy a new processor or a new video card?

    processers usually dont do much for games. Sure they make a differnce, but nowhere near as much as RAM or a new card does. If I had a 9200 I'd probably upgrade it to a 9600 XT.
  12. Cliff_Burton

    Right shift for sprint?

    I used the arrows even up to Half-Life. Finally, when I began Quake 3 my friend was like "WTF use WASD!" I was very stubborn and ignored him. However, at his house I had to use it and eventually got used it; also it did increase my skill by a lot. Now I've never gone back. Now everytime I play an old game I use WASD. Even classic Doom.
  13. Cliff_Burton

    Doom 3 McCrashy

    I disabled fastwrites, but nothing changed. I'll just keep playing on my bros comp id releases a patch.
  14. Cliff_Burton

    Should I buy a new processor or a new video card?

    Its true, doom 3 runs better on Nvidias, but If I were to upgrade I'd rather go with ATI. A new x800 is pretty much similiar to the 6800 ultra. The 6800 ultra is only a little bit more powerfull than the x800, but also requries two power drops. Your proc is fine. If you upgrade the proc you usually need a new MB, and if you do that, why not just go all the way and get a new comp.
  15. Cliff_Burton

    Right shift for sprint?

    seriously, why the hell would you not want to use WASD. Do yourself a favor and force yourself to use it. If you still dont feel like conforming, then set your right mouse button to sprint.