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  1. where do I get it? how od I work it..do i need zdameaon or whatever? Later
  2. I d/l it but it doesnt work..it always says... connevting to master server......... I want soem online play dangit.. Later
  3. Koontzy

    Lets have a tourny, sounds good doesn't it?

    I would love ot play, but I can get zdameon to freaking work!!!! Later
  4. Koontzy

    new world order <-more

    New world order....hahahaha, there webiste(www.insomniasoftware.com) hasnt had any updates for almost or maybe over a year now...i think this game is vaporware.. I tried ewmailing them hundreds of times, but have yet to get a reply... Later
  5. Koontzy

    getting demos to work??

    ok still not working...lol.. I typed C:\Doom2>doom2 -playdemo acg-lep and it said bad command or file name..so I tried replaying the doom2 before playdemo and it still said it..wtf! Later
  6. Koontzy

    getting demos to work??

    ok I figured it out lol...,hey I am tired, halfway drunk..and dont know wtf is going on lol...but I figured it out now,..thanx
  7. Koontzy

    Tough choice.....

    doom comics hahahahaah sucxky...I love novels and love ot read doom stories.. Later
  8. Koontzy

    doom 3 multiplayer????

    yeah...I havent really decided yet lol :p Later
  9. Koontzy

    getting demos to work??

    how do I get to dos prompt though>???thats what I want to know... Later
  10. Koontzy

    doom 3 multiplayer????

    what do you want to see the most for doom3 multiplayer???
  11. Koontzy

    getting demos to work??

    can ya explain with more details lol.. ltar
  12. Koontzy

    getting demos to work??

    ok but how do i do that??I mean I start doom2 and it loads to main screen, so how do I get to dos to type that in??? Later
  13. Koontzy

    What is better?

    DM!!!is my favorite with any online game.......but co-op is fun to... Later
  14. Koontzy

    getting demos to work??

    I d/l some demo on online play, but dont know how to play them..I put them in my doom2 folder..now what>>> what do I type? Later
  15. all it says is connecting to master server...connecting to mast server....do I need to start doom2 first>>> or what>>>> I have Zdoom(whats it for then?) Later