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  1. chad4828

    Sweet bejebus! Shadows messing up

    You've more than likely already tried new video card drivers. But that is what i would recommend. Also maybe DirectX 9.0c. Just my 2 cents.
  2. chad4828

    Wal-Mart Sale!

    I just saw Doom3 at Wal-Mart on sale for $43.50!! I gotta go it!
  3. chad4828

    Screenshot Links

    Anybody got any screenshot links?
  4. chad4828

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

  5. chad4828

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    Do you think i could run 800x600 on medium quality with adequate frame rates?
  6. chad4828

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    I did check the system specs, but as every one knows, system specs don't always turn out. For example with SWG i met the sys requirements and it ran like crap. I upgraded my memory to the recommended and it still ran like crap. I then upgraded to above the recommended and it runs fine now. Just wondering if the same is true for Doom 3?
  7. chad4828

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    Nice and polite. Thanks again
  8. chad4828

    Will it run nicely on YOUR system?

    I want to buy Doom 3 but I hate to be disapointed if my system won't run it well. So i'm posting my system specs to find out if anyone else is running the same config or just general opinions on how well my system will handle Doom 3. Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (nForce2 Chipset) AMD Athlon-XP 2400+ 512MB PC3200 120GB SATA HDD GeForce4 TI4400 128MB Thanks
  9. chad4828

    Doom 3 McCrashy

    Ummm...I checked my DxDiag and it says 9.0b. I have no idea why your's is still saying 8.1. You might try running memtest86 to check memory. But if you are having mem problems it would occur in other games and not just d3 so that might not be it. I would also check you paging file to make sure windows is controlling it and it's not set at a static amount. This fixed one of my other games that was crashing after about 30mins. You also might try a bare computer system where you take out or disable all hardware except those necessary to run d3. Such as take out any sound cards, lan cards. If you have onboard devices disable them in your bios. See if that will do anything. Basically all you want going is your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and vid card.
  10. chad4828

    Doom 3 McCrashy

    You might search micosofts knowledge base to find out how to completely uninstall DirectX. Then re-install. You might also try reformatting and starting over.
  11. chad4828

    Doom 3 McCrashy

    It might be a memory problem download and run memtest86 to see if your mem's getting any errors. Also go into directx and set your sound to "No Acceleration". Try that and post back
  12. I would download and install nVidia's nForce unified drivers from nvidia.com. I wouldn't recommend using MSI's drivers. Also you stated 4in1 drivers??? Those are for VIA chipsets not for nForce2 chipsets. I would also recommend ending all processes and setting your desktop resolution to 800x600 32bit color. One more thing I would also go into your video card settings and force all refresh rates to 60hz, to see if that solves anything. Also go through your device manager and make sure you have no "Unkown Devices". That could cause crashes and such. You might check your event viewer as well to see if you are catching any events when the crash occurs.