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  1. no, i thought "Ultra Violence" meant the level of violence that would ensue when id software comes to your door for playing an easy difficulty,
  2. Plerb

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    That was one of them, the other one I thought of worked similarly but the two thin sectors would be on the inside instead. The outmost wall would be one midtexture combining the windows and the bit of ground underneath them, and the sector in-between the two would be a skyhack lowered only about halfway so it's not visible from underneath. A very thin gap would be visible though. It's probably too convoluted to be worth it compared to the method you used, and I haven't even tried doing it myself so I don't know what it'd look like in practice.
  3. Plerb

    Did Doom II feel like a slog when it was released?

    There's plenty of interesting things to analyze about the IWAD maps, and "Do Doom 2's Levels Suck Or Not" is not one of them. My biggest issue with these type of threads is that it does not matter in the slightest if they suck, because once you have Doom 2, you have several universes worth of custom content, at least some of which is bound to perfectly fit your tastes. I'm not a big fan of Doom 2's maps myself overall, but I'm losing 0 hours of sleep over it because there are plenty of Doom 2 PWADs I enjoy a lot more.
  4. Plerb

    Where and how can I post homemade doom wads?

    Joe Khan this thread: (lmao Gottem 420 weed gif's)
  5. Biowar MAP11 (UV, continuous, saves): Solid map, also that animated teleporter pad looks pretty cool. MAP12: Another hub connecting to smaller rooms type deal. Come to think of it I've never made a map like this before. I should sometime. I can never tell what's making those low-pitched growling sounds but they sound like pitched-down mancubus alert sounds. Maybe they are. Another ok map overall.
  6. Plerb

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    How did you make the windows over the crevice in the first screenshot? I can think of a few possible ways of doing that but I'm wondering what you did.
  7. Plerb

    How Does Doomguy Do This?

    Oh ok. Considering the insane speeds Doomguy runs and even switches between weapons in the first place it's not that surprising he can also put gloves on and off really fast. Also there's many types of gloves, with varying levels of friction, tightness, etc. Latex gloves are a pain in the ass to put on but I could easily slip on some winter gloves at the same speed Doomguy does. What type of glove was Kevin Cloud wearing for those photos? I feel like I read it somewhere but I can't remember now.
  8. Plerb

    How Does Doomguy Do This?

    How does he do what? Remove his gloves?
  9. Plerb

    Reflections and Aspirations: MBF21 in 2024

    Couple more things I thought of: Floor skyhacks. A flag for sectors to disable flat bleeding on its walls. For example, when you raise a floor and don't texture it, it's basically like a self referencing sector when you're below the line of sight for the floor, but when you're above it, it bleeds into where the walls would be. With this flag, the parts underneath the floor would still be transparent. Combined with midtextures, this would be useful for various decorations like tables and desks. (hope I explained that well enough)
  10. This is very cool! I might use this pack for whatever project I end up making for this year's NaNoWADMo (although on second thought, my ADHD combined with 8000 textures is probably not a very good combination for speed. I'll see though). There's a few textures with a width that isn't a power of 2. Also, there were a few textures I posted in that thread back in August that aren't included in this (1, 2). I feel like they fit the criteria for inclusion, but it's no big deal whether you decide to add them or not.
  11. I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't think of anything to say about MAP09, even though I liked it. Biowar MAP10 (UV, continuous, saves): The shadows from the rocks at the start could look cool but the effect is too inconsistent and the texture choices are poor. The vine-infested cave (?) with its tall sector trees looks ok, but overall this map is really nothing special.
  12. Plerb

    Games You Have The Most Hours In?

    My #1 and #2 is easily the same as @Stupid Bunny's. I also played a bit of Speedy Eggbert/Blupi at one point, but my #3 would probably go to another Epsitec/eGames release known as BuzzingCars (aka Wild Wheels). Those are the only ones I can think of that I come back to on a regular basis, most other games I tend to play them for a bit and then move on.
  13. I started working on my map again (not much yet, I mainly just set up a puzzle to access a secret that I had planned out months earlier). Before today I hadn't touched it since a few days after my last update which was almost two months ago, due to focusing on some solo projects. Provided I stop procrastinating and/or don't go overboard with the map's size, I should still finish it before the deadline.
  14. Forgot to play this yesterday, whoops. Biowar MAP07 (UV, continuous, saves): It's not horrible but it doesn't have what I liked the most about some of the earlier maps. MAP08: The corridors from the start are simple but look cool. The red key trap is very clever and I'll have to steal that concept sometime. Overall this might be my favorite map so far.