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  1. SubSpace

    Delta Labs Sector 1 Data Linker

    Hmm, can't remember where it is exactly, but it was fairly close to the control room or whatever. In a fairly large room, lying next to some corpse that was against a wall I believe. It shouldn't be that hard :)
  2. SubSpace

    Can't climb ladder

    Ok, I spent some time replaying from an old savegame (not my most recent quicksave), which fixed the problem. Whatever the bug is, it's persistant across savegames and restarting Doom 3.
  3. SubSpace

    Can't climb ladder

    I used noclip to get around the one ladder, but it seems from now on they're all bugged :( Guess I'll try loading a (way old) non Quicksave :( Not the case, I tried that for like 5 minutes...
  4. SubSpace

    Can't climb ladder

    Yeah it sure looks like a bug.. In the same area I can't even run up stairs normally, I have to jump to ascend stupid 15 centimeter steps. Since you get stuck in the area and I've tried ways to get around using the stairs (can't get on the pipes in the are) I'm pretty sure it's a bug :<
  5. SubSpace

    BOSS STRATEGIES (Extreme spoilers)

    Grenades worked pretty well on Vagary for me, as that was the only heavy weapon I had enough of at the time :) I used some on the Mancubi as well to save on chaingun/plasma ammo :P
  6. SubSpace

    Can't climb ladder

    Yeah, I was thinking that too. Maybe Martian Buddy sells some diet pills :<<
  7. SubSpace

    Can't climb ladder

    There's a ladder in Delta Reactor Room which I can climb up, but I get stuck at the top of the ladder and I can't actually reach the platform it leads to. Screenshot Is this normal? I don't see a reason why climbing the ladder shouldn't work..
  8. SubSpace

    List of PDAs, keypad codes

    DOH Thanks 8)
  9. SubSpace

    List of PDAs, keypad codes

    About this list.. I've found many of the PDAs of people on the list, but in my game they have no audio logs whatsoever, so where are the access codes supposed to be? I didn't really need the supplies that much, so I have been able to do without the ones I didn't find, except the "Junction 5, Site 2 Airlock code" which I couldn't find anywhere and I don't think there is a way to do without it. And yes, I got Gary Ross's PDA. So what's up with that?