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  1. Sausage_KGB

    Why was Doom made?

    They made doom so they can prepare us if we go to hell. So start practicing while you still can. d:1
  2. Sausage_KGB

    The new Doom, and some "rules"

    Less weapons? not sure bout that.... It would be nice to see all the weapons in the game.
  3. Sausage_KGB

    Tension has relieved....somewhat

    Eh? Boxes are that cool?
  4. Sausage_KGB

    DOOM is life. But what if life was DOOM???

    Yep, just think about it. Even if you did mess up quite a few demons, theres just millions of more waiting. Or you catch a fireball with your mouth. Either way yoosa screwed.
  5. Sausage_KGB

    DOOM is life. But what if life was DOOM???

    Who wouldn't die like a pussy. Theres no way you would just take a shotgun and kill every demon you see.
  6. Sausage_KGB

    Old Computer Games!

    Oh yeh.. Leisure suit larry rocked. Too sexy.
  7. Sausage_KGB

    new to doom and doom2

    EY guy you're not alone. im a newb too.
  8. Sausage_KGB

    3d downloads down?

    MMm..... been trying to get on the 3ddownloads website. Just wondering if anyone else can't get on. ehh so can you get on?
  9. Sausage_KGB

    Old Computer Games!

    ToeJam & Earl. Ehh but thats on genesis.