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  1. BIG UPDATE The early game is finished and only needs to be more tested. The mid game is near completion with two levels waiting to be closed off. Currently I'm working on details and remained few sections. So let's say Early to Mid game is 80% finished. The late game is what needs more work. I'm more than halfway through the penultimate level but yet need to create the final level. Here are some development screens in chronological order. The first level is the canyon and is pretty beginner friendly but does contain secrets and additional challenge (introducing specific mechanic) that will be helpful for remainder of the game. The second level kicks the action in the gear with the perilous areas and fields of blood. As always, if the challenge is too hard, all you need is to explore more. In between the battles and exploration there is village that you're passing through, and it contains much of details what I hear is now called "Doom Cute". These barrels are the clue of the next level. The village is rich in water which it drains from below, and it just happens that you must go through it to reach your goal. The Waterway level (also shown in last update) begins with a cave, evolves into the underground water stream to the suspicious pumping station and ultimately escalates with the large cavern battle. It will be tough but you're ultimately rewarded with the next level which is something completely different. It is a tech base (fun fact: the very first level I started actually) with some really strange stuff going on. Not what you're expecting from a usual tech base. These demons are not just mindless monsters rampaging around (although there's plenty of that too), there is something else going on... (What the hell is even that!?) After all that crazyness you're treated with the two levels that are more classic and standard which you can play right now (links above) Bad Cargo and Underbase. Here somewhere are also two secret levels that you can discover (Spoilers in post above if you wish to be spoiled) and now I will share various screens of some of the remaining levels. Yeah, I just HAD TO create the maze section, sorry. Not your typical prison Monster closets are must, duh! YOU CAME TO THE WRONG NEGHBOURHOOD Alright that's it! I'll save a bit more for later. There's still work to be done after all. I hope you'll be looking forward to it as I am :) #MarkaNsDoom
  2. Tried 7zip and it works! Thanks guys!
  3. Thanks! :) btw. cool mod you got there
  4. #MarkaNsDoom Hi everyone, after a few months of mapping I'm glad to represent my first megawad. It's gonna be a single-player episode that functions as a Doom II mod. The goal is to make an authentic classic Doom experience while improving on level of detail. Fun and engaging but also challenging and rewarding exploration. To kinda be expansion to classic Doom and to feel like it. Just to be more DOOM. I'm using strictly just vanilla assets, that is design choice and a creativity challenge as I learn mapping. KEY FEATURES - Classic Look - High Quality of Detail - Classic gameplay - Campaign-like progression - No backtracking (You won't get lost, and will likely revisit areas by secret shortcuts or via teleports, plus opportunities to ambush enemies) - Linear but with choice of different paths - Evil Eye as a Challenge Mechanic. You can shoot it but they see it as a provocation and don't respond well :) - Boss Fights (mini bosses and classic bosses) - Lots of Secrets (Beware, there are some double or even triple secrets) - Easter Eggs and references (ranging from little details to entire sections) - Secret Levels - Pistol Start available - 15 Levels (maybe more but not less) DEMOS / PLAYTESTING Right now I offer 2 levels available as test demos for play and feedback. Bad Cargo and Underbase. You can make videos and reviews/articles, just be sure to credit me (by MarkaN #MarkaNsDoom ). I recommend playing on Hurt Me Plenty or Ultra Violence difficulty for optimal experience. You start both maps with GZDoom set on Doom 2 then select new game. Each map is Map01. BAD CARGO "Ridiculously nice beginner map" - DavidXNewton Bad Cargo brings the player to the ominous storage facility that connects to the rooftop helipad, high tech sector, large open area, the building flooded with acid and the underground complex. This is my first completed map. It is early to mid game level. There are different paths (orders) that can be chosen which can impact the way you play. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KzUtdz0jfk-n_LJSK760qic5HU52nzeq/view?usp=sharing UNDERBASE Underbase continues directly from Bad Cargo. It is mid game level. It is farely mid tempo challenging but it escalates in the last battle where it gets chaotic. It is more unified and less diverse than Bad Cargo as it takes place in the underground base, but there are still options to explore, to maneuvre and even take enemies by surprise. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CW0EWXP8ZXDX1Qieq1RkBNaW1YfbqxSK/view?usp=sharing DEV POST You can read more about the project and my experience on my blog: https://markansblog.wordpress.com/2023/08/06/im-making-a-doom-game/ SPOILERS (Secret maps revealed) WORK IN PROGRESS - I plan to release it in Early 2024, until then I hope to see your feedback, suggestions, questions etc. :) #MarkaNsDoom THIS AWESOME ARTWORK is made by Papyesh from Poland who gave me permission for use. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2029026904&tscn=1698411658 SCREENSHOTS: Waterway level Another mini boss fight (secret) Making Redstone Easter Egg (5 in 1 to be exact :) Starting cave from another level Making of Village map Secret from Toxic Vasculinity level Toxic City (temp. title) map layout (mid-late game) Bad Cargo Underbase
  5. Hahaha! Good one :D Thank you all. I still gotta try some of these :)
  6. Amazing. How do you make it? What programs and techniques?
  7. MarkaN

    What is your favorite underrated Doom YTer?

    I watched before and now subbed. He's definitely underrated. Poor guy isn't even monetized yet.
  8. MarkaN

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Beautiful textures here
  9. MarkaN

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Damn! I'd like to see the 2D layout of that one.
  10. I've been searching for this certain topic (on the internet) but couldn't find anything concrete. What do the best fights look like in your experience? (except slaughter maps I guess xD you're welcome to comment on that too but I'd like to see more detailed arguments:) What elements do you like the most? What kind of traps seem most fun to you? What kind of level layouts are your favorites? etc.
  11. I'm using WinRar. Perhaps it's an older version...
  12. Can you please send me a file?
  13. Is there a working file??