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  1. Mizz

    The C Stands for Carmack

    It would probably be better to activate things by focusing crosshairs or just having it on the center of the screen within realistic distance to activate them. That way there is no use key and you can't activate it by accident. But in this case there might be an inconvenient delay to make sure it's not an accident.
  2. Mizz

    Doom Park

    How the hell can you play SNES games without X and Y buttons?
  3. Mizz

    More Leak Stuff

    This really sucks, I still wonder how this happened. But this may give idsoftare a reason to make it even better than the alpha. However, from what I've played so far it kicks ass. I'll be sure to buy a legit copy when it comes out.
  4. Mizz

    Farther From The Sun

    If I remember right, Jupiter is a gas planet which objects can just go straight through. I could be wrong though.
  5. Mizz

    Lord of the Rings (not Doom related)

    Sure as hell beats the new star wars prequal series
  6. Mizz

    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

    Can anyone count how many times the kid with the ring almost died?
  7. Mizz

    Christmas holidays are coming!

    Ever since I got my first job I stopped getting holiday presents from my family, cuz they think im a big boy and i can get what i want on my own. yet i get them stuff sometimes. I'm 19 and they still call me a big boy =(
  8. Mizz

    Women and Doom...

    Whut happened to all the fish avatar people?
  9. Mizz

    It wasn't a vacation, but Hell

    For some reason I don't like many model based characters in games. I could like the game for everything else but I like sprite based characters better. enough frames so it'll be a little realistic. Basicly I don't like low polycount models, some high polycount models are cool but they are just way too damn detailed and add more visual effects that they need and with that they look like action figures, or look too much like real humans. I like games which are sort of cartoonish, not as cartoonish as final fantasy 2/4. like chrono trigger(which is very detailed but still in a way doesn't look too real). But I'm not only talking about rpgs. those were just the best examples I could think of. Some games are just not meant to look real or to be 3d. Like Super Mario Brothers the movie was a large steaming mound of horseshit, it was absolutely nothing like the game which basicly takes place in a "fantasy land" which can't possibly relate to the real world.. And Metroid Prime which is coming out for gamecube, is gonna be completely 3d. and all the other metroid games are 2d. The future of alot of games will be very disappointing for the people accustomed to the old games. Kind of why now would be the best time to stop making sequals to old games because I don't think the makers of the game play the game enough to get into it as much as the people who bought and played the game. To me it seems to them that new technology makes everything better. Damn I went way off topic, this thread is about Red Warrior's return.
  10. Mizz

    Nov. 5 was my Birthday

    You're welcome. I didn't know Lasagne was your fav, I know alot of people who like lasagne, I think everyone likes lasagne, so I put it in, and I -love- lasagne too.. But all I got for my birthday was cupcakes with whipped cream on top, still good but i'd rather have lasagne.
  11. Mizz

    It wasn't a vacation, but Hell

    It isn't.
  12. Mizz

    It wasn't a vacation, but Hell

    [quote]Genesis Emulator? Search this site for GENS, that's my favorite Win MD Emulator.[quote]That's exactly what I got. and it's cool, but I been having a harder time finding roms, all I got is sonic the hedgehog. and I don't know that many sega genesis games.
  13. Mizz

    It wasn't a vacation, but Hell

    Thanks for suggesting emulation Red, all I got so far is Sonic the hedgehog and it's pretty damn fun.*hugs back*(almost forgot) But as for this Tails TC, well... Sounds cool, as long as it doesn't turn out too much like http://www.srb2.org it's still cool but- damn I dunno I can't think right. I gotta go, have a good day everyone.
  14. Mizz

    Nov. 5 was my Birthday

    Nov 5th eh? Well happy birthday ::Brings in a big lasagna with 22 candles on it::
  15. Mizz

    It wasn't a vacation, but Hell

    Ok cool! A fan chacter. Makes me feel a little more important, I'm sure we are all glad you're around as for the good or bad, uh... I'm not sure.