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  1. hamster

    I'm not too impressed

    IMO doom 3 doens't use traditional scare elements good enough. Real fear is when you can't SEE the damn monster but you hear it. Or you only see a glimpse of the monster and it dissappears. The combat itself seems kinda dumbed down in comparison to other FPS too. The AI is way too artificial. The IMP for example just stands there hurlin' fireballs at you. Now if it leapt from wall to wall to get at you that would be much cooler. As it stands, every imp i see stands rooted to the floor hurlin' fireballs - it's really fake, and makes them seem not real. They're also just standing, easy-to-hit targets =.= The zombie marines are stupid too in that they aren't really tactical, their accuracy is borked (too high even if you're moving) and they automatically know where you are. The game would be even more scary if YOU see a monster, but the monster doesn't see you and it actively sniffs around for your presence. Somebody should make a real doom 3 scary mod. I could plot it out, but I don't have the mapping, animating and ai-script modifying skills.
  2. hamster

    runtime error

    My game is already patched to 1.1 It might be a corrupted save or something. Oh well, i'll just try a previous save then ^^
  3. hamster

    runtime error

    Same problem happened to me after I played with some mods, alt-tabbed, then quit the game and delete one of the mods due to graphical anomalies. When I tried loading the quick-save again (with mod), it keeps sayin' bullcrap like runtime error C++ d3 requested windows to shut it down or smoethin' like that. Anyhow, I restored the mod that I deleted, then loaded the mod again...and still, it doesn't work. I'll reboot and see later.
  4. hamster

    Doom 3. scary?

    Silent hill 4 on the PC has ultra bad low res graphics - it's a direct port or somethin'. Don't get it. You will vomit when u load up the game after playing d3.
  5. hamster

    this was really cool [brain popped out]

    I think the brain only pops out if your finishing blow is to the head.
  6. hamster

    omfg doom3 review!

    I've recently seen a trend where people write articles with no punctuations except for "..." and use it as a conjunction. What's wrong with 'em? I mean... they're so screwed up...the review is so crappy...coz they use so many "..."s...people these days... they really need better education lol...don't you agree?
  7. hamster

    Can't join any MP server

    You could select the server you wanna join, check its ip and manually connect by typing in the server ip in ip connect. It's at the bottom left of the MP browser screen. It's worked for me so far.
  8. hamster

    Reticle on target.

    In addition, in MP a "beep" sound accompanies the flashing reticle when you hit an enemy. Try firing a rocket & running off. If you deal ANY dmg (splash/direct) to the target, ur reticle will go red & u'll hear the beep sound. And why would u want the reticle to glow when it's on an enemy? This game is all about darkness & stuff u can't see. I could forsee ppl abusing it by sweeping the room 'till their x-hairs go red, then shootin'.
  9. hamster

    What did you like most?

    The halluciations... man, those were scary.
  10. hamster

    Doom3 Recording Project Discussion.

    I've heard that 20-30 min demos are a GIG in size. Are they really that bad? How 'bout 170mb for 25 min vid? That seems like a reasonable compromise.
  11. hamster

    GGL Coverage of DOOM 3 1v1 at QCon

    um, I see 20-30mb sized demos at cached.net between fatality & daler
  12. hamster

    What the heck is an armor shard?

    Anybody seen Terminator 2? In a chase scene, the T-1000 loses a chunk of his hand. As T-1000 approaches his lost hand, it turns to liquid and runs, jelly like, to his feet and is assimilated into his body. Same theory for armor shards!
  13. hamster

    For those who want the flashlight AND a weapon...

    Guys, you don't get it. I have to spot a monster with a flashlight, change back to a weapon then shoot in the darkness. That totally spoils the atmosphere. If I was the doom marine i'd be pretty damn scared seeing a zombie heading towards me, moanin'. I'd frickin' shoot it the moment I see it, in frenzied panic. Instead, what does my in-game character do? Casually putd down the flashlight, slowly holds up the machine gun and shoots blindly in the darkness. Also, why the heck can't I hold the pistol & flashlight at the same time? ID should at least make the doom marine hold the pistol with both hands if they intended IT that way...
  14. hamster

    GGL Coverage of DOOM 3 1v1 at QCon

    Um do they have demos of the matches? I missed 'em -_-
  15. hamster

    List of PDAs, keypad codes

    NVM found it
  16. hamster

    List of PDAs, keypad codes

    Man, I'm kinda stuck. SPOILER! It tells to find William's PDA so I can go in some alpha lab (or is it delta? Can't remember) door. Where is it?
  17. hamster

    2 problems

    Wow, tremendous thanks to the advice. I downloaded the no-cd crack and using it, I can open the game in less than 1 second! Thx again!
  18. hamster

    2 problems

    Hi, I just got doom 3. I've so far encountered 2 problems - does anybody have the solution to them? The first problem I encountered was ultra long loading time ... it literally takes about 3 minutes for the game to start after i double click the desktop shortcut. However, the quick saves are instantaneous, and the load games are fast. My computer is pretty decent, sporting a 6800 GT, 1024 ddr 400 dual channel (kingston) and athlon 64+. The other problem I'm facing is multiplayer. I tried joining every game and all of them were full. I even applied the "full" filter to ensure my eyes weren't tricking me. Furthermore, I refreshed the servers after attempting to join them. None of them were full. The same problem also seems to apply to password protected games. If anybody has solutions/explanations, please post reply asap! Thx in advance!!
  19. hamster

    2 problems

    I already defragged. Also, I dun think I ahve to resort to that "method" just to get decent load times. The reason is because some other people who have rigs with lower specs than mine can load their game MUCH faster... Obviously this is a problem with my rig, but I'd like to know how i can pass it. Please, any tech gurus here that can help?
  20. hamster

    2 problems

    Well i've figured out that some ppl have the same problem as I do for multiplayer... but I"m seriously having BIG problems with the loading time (5 mins!? Yikes!). I just rebooted my comp so I'm gonna try again and see what's wrong.