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  1. clokwerk1945

    Just one quick TC mod idea.

    Aliens!!!! With the graphics and the sound this game has, man....a co-op aliens mod would be the shizzle. Just wandering down corridors with some friends at a lan party, blasting scores of aliens (that can conveniently evaporate into acid). Watching each others back and the ilk....ah man that would be fun.
  2. clokwerk1945

    Classic colors mod

    sorry to add to the workload, but i would darken the bottom portion of the hell knight just a few shades more because it still doesn't have that seperation of hues that the originals did...other than that you are amazing, and I praise your skill.
  3. clokwerk1945

    Classic colors mod

    dood post a link for the mod as soon as your done, those are awesome. I would happily replay thru the whole game again when you finish. That is so wicked cool.... I'm in your dept.
  4. clokwerk1945

    Missing media pak file....cannot connect

    wow i can understand how they dont want any cheating, but this is kind of ghey, alot of people have complained about the clicking sound file and how annoying it is... I hope ID fixes it in an official patch because I don't want to have to listen to it just to play multiplayer. Oh well, my first real gripe against doom3...
  5. clokwerk1945

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    is there any way to mod it so the cyber demon is killable? I would love to have seen him more, as well as the "guardian" demon but in a killable by normal weapons form. I would then think of the guardian as a baron of hell and the hell knights as hell knights...that would be fo sheez... actually now that I mention it, if you go to hell, and use cheats so your not running like hell....there is a difference between the hell knights there and the hell knights on mars, I think the hell knights there are barons....they are covered in there tattoos including a pentagram on their forheads.. just a thought tho...
  6. clokwerk1945

    Missing media pak file....cannot connect

    I didn't unpak them but I did rename a sound file to get rid of the clicking sound, but the file is still there....just a different size since i replaced it with a renamed file....could i just pull the pak file i altered off the disc and replace it??
  7. clokwerk1945

    Missing media pak file....cannot connect

    Everytime i try to play a multiplayer game i receive this error, I haven't modded my game at all so what gives???!?!
  8. clokwerk1945

    What is that annoying clicking sound...

    the sound is one of the footstep sound files in one of the paks. There is something in the tech forum on how to change it. It was annoying me too, so i deleted that sound and replaced it with another footstep sound. It sounds alot better without the click click imho. EDIT: be sure to back up your pak if you change out the sounds, because I didn't and now i cant do deathmatching til i insert the old copy of the pak.... ghey....
  9. clokwerk1945

    Well does Doom 3 deserve the title Doom ?

    I do believe that it definitly earned the right to be entitled doom, however I wonder why people keep complaining about the gameplay. It's typical run and gun, which is exactly what id said it would be. For me the action is quite intense, strafing, dodging imp fire balls. Taking as much cover as i can in a fire fight, running up to enemies with the shottie so I can hit them with as many parts of a shell as I can. Its exactly what I was expecting personally, and with the my only gripe being that Imps are way to prevelant I think it is awesome. I see small nuances in the level design and enemy placement that harken back to the old doom games. Like in the delta labs, their is a portion where the floor falls out and your surrounded by monsters in tight quarters, or a few hours back being in this long hallway that seems empty, until all the shutters roll up and zombies + imps start coming out of the woodwork like a flood. To me that is what the original doom was like, it had more open areas yes, but really....they aren't overly missed by myself. I'm sure opinions differ and that is perfectly fine with me, i just know I'm happy with it.
  10. clokwerk1945

    Anyone get a Pewter Mancubus with Doom 3?

    Hey dood, i got a mancubus...uh...yup...it just kinda sits there. Neato...
  11. clokwerk1945

    Gamespot gives Doom3 an 8.5

    I think they are morons myself, comments?
  12. I think your insane homee, the alpha kinda sucked by comparison in my opinion. Yea, I think some of the level design in the alpha was pretty cool as far as monsters jumping out at you and such. Like i miss walking up to a mirror and seeing a pinky jump out. That was uber creepy the first time it happened. However, I think overall the alphas level of creepiness pales in comparison to the final version. I think what it might be is that the alpha was our first clear view of these kind of realistic graphics combined with an intent to frighten the viewer. On that level, if you had the alpha your kind of used to the graphics by now so your not as awestruck as you were the first time you typed in: map e3/e3_1.
  13. clokwerk1945

    Thank you id.

    I just wanted to thank John Carmack, Tim W., and everyone who worked on this game over at id. I also wanted to thank john romero since he was involved in the original doom games and if it wasn't for him and Carmack getting together, we wouldn't have a board about doom3. I'm just very greatful to id for all the wonderful games that they have created that have not only pushed the envelope as far as graphics but also in the area of user immersion in the game. Since I was a young gamer I was playing games made by them, first with the Mars series which was a precursor to Commander Keen, and then to wolfenstein, and on to doom and quake. I remeber before I received my first pentium computer, I was incredibly excited. I had bought a copy of quake in anticipation of its arrival. When i finally received my computer, the first thing i did was install quake and play it into the wee hours of the morning. After that I was hooked on PC gaming and I would never look at the world of video games the same. Quake was the first time I had ever expirienced a true deathmatch and I was amazed. I went through the world of Quake clans and tournaments in the early days of mplayer and I was amazed at how 1 game could bring so many people together. Years went by and I was still awe struck by the first person shooters i was playing, from quake2 to half life, to unreal. All of them owed a great debt to the guys at id. They did it first, canyon abyss(?don't remember name) was the first one I ever played and they have always done it the best. I just wanted to make this post to show my gratitude to id for what they have given me, the hours of fun I had with their games, and I hope they continue making them for a very long time. Doom3 is an achievement in graphics, sound, immersion, and story(read the pdas and listen to the audio clips, doom3 has a really good story), and I personally thank all those responcible. If you feel the same way about id and their games please post a reply about your expiriences with them in the early days and now.