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  1. Don't forget that the chainsaw doesn't need gas to run! LOL. What a stupid game. I never saw any z-sec zombies running out of ammo either. And don't you all think it was stupid how the door mechanisms never gets worn out?

    This is the end of Civilization as we know it!

    I didn’t leave the Z-Sec Zombies alive long enough to notice whether they would run out of ammo or not. There was one Z-Sec Zombie that I could see on a particular level and regardless of the amount of grenades I threw in his direction he wouldn’t die.

    In other words, I was able to see him in his spawn point. I tossed a few grenades his way but he was completely unaffected. There were doors, elevators and such that were inoperative, I suppose they had good engineers on the base that kept everything running well.

  2. The oxygen tanks werent a continuity error or oversight. They were a game element similar to damage sectors in doom. I dont think it's fair to say that id somehow screwed up on that one.

    I’m sure you understood I was making an observation based on what some people were saying.

    One could also make the point that there wasn’t a process of the Marine putting on or taking off his oxygen mask/helmet while playing, it was automatic or assumed when he went out on the Mars surface then returning to an oxygen environment.

  3. There's a reason for this, and that's because it's a game. Most of these continuity issues are such non points that it's really ridiculous to talk about them.

    Again I think we can all agree it’s a game and doesn’t have to be based on any real life scenarios. I’m sure the people at id when working on the game knew what they were doing to create a fun experience versus a realistic encounter.

  4. Sephiroth, it is a game and I think most people view it as such, however we as game players have seen games with a little more continuity even in basic games. It’s not impossible to tweak out a few inconsistencies regardless of game genre.

    I don’t think the Doom Community is nearly as critical as I’ve seen in other games, in particular I mentioned EQ and how Sony is making EQII with the idea of getting as much continuity and satisfying a very sophisticated group of game players.

  5. As with most comparisons you’re going to get people that are biased and will defend the game regardless of how objective you try to be about it. We can cling to the idea that’s its just a game so as to trivialize the critics.

    I’m just finding a lot more interesting observations that people are making about the continuity of the game. I bring this up because I’m a long time EQ player just like any other game there are always going to be nitpickers, whiners, fanboys and tweak monkeys. I know that in EQII they are being quite exhaustive about just those little nick picky things.

    I personally think the game reviews on Doom3 were accurate and objective. Could the game have been better, sure?

  6. I went through a few recent threads and I’m seeing more continuity issues that have come up.

    The trite blood, flashlight batteries, oxygen in the landing bay, no infrared goggles, no gun mount for a flashlight, weak gun sounds, no sleeping quarters, there are any number of continuity issues. I don’t think it’s unrealistic for the programmers to make subtle changes to compensate.

    I’m not a nitpicker, but when you start to factor in all the observations you can’t help but wonder what was going on when the game was created. It’s just my opinion that the game seemed hastily put together.

    Notice how when you have decals on and you hit a trite, it leaves red blood splattered on the floor. But when you kill it, it explodes in a bunch of green juice. Isn't that a bit strange? o_O

    You relize that would of probably taken someone at id all of ten minutes to fix this problem?

    Step 1:Apply hue map to normal blood splat
    Step 2:Assign that splat to Trite.

    Well I don´t find the burn animation this bad. But I would have liked if just one or two monsters had died that way. In the original Doom, every monster dies a unique way. I miss this a bit in Doom3, as all the demons die the same way.

    Why is it that like at the beginning when you get off the ship your outside (atleast I think.) and you don't need oxygen cells or like run out of oxygen but later in the game you run out of oxygen when your running across the surface.

    Not compareing the games but when it came to flash lights the way Unreal 1 did was awesome. I find it funny how they have endless batteries for the flash light, but the oxy tanks are only good for about thirty seconds. I wonder how they built the base in the first place if the workers had to stop every thirty seconds to replace thier tanks

  7. It was enjoyable, I played on Marine because I didn’t know what to expect and I figured if I did increase the difficulty it would only prolong the game, making it more tedious and laborious.

    I’m not a Doom fan or horror based game fan, I played because of Dooms novelty and that is was essentially the first FPS I’d seen or played so there was a lot of nostalgia. I can be a lazy gamer and I felt it was right on pace with what I was looking for, though most probably found it easy, which in a way it was, but I’m a casual player so it fit my style pretty well.

    Perhaps it could have been a little more diverse. In my untrained opinion it seemed rushed for some reason as though not a lot of thought were put into strategy or level transition. I found standard encounters nearly as challenging if not more challenging than the boss monsters.

  8. Magically appearing monsters, I do not mean monsters that teleported or came from behind panels, I mean monsters that would simply just come out of thin air when you hit the trigger for them, I probably noticed this alot because I like to clear rooms with nades before entering them. But of course the nades were wasted because there was nothing there till I got to a certain point.

    That was pretty disappointing, even in one of the labs (I think) I could see a Zombie Marine but no matter how many times I threw the grenades he wouldn’t die, unless I hit the trigger.

  9. Aug. 19, 2004 — Has the computer game industry peaked?

    That may seem like an absurd statement. After all, computer games are now a $7 billion industry. New game platforms seem to be appearing almost every month, the magazine racks are filled with gamer magazines, on-line games like CounterStrike are gouging into the Nielsen ratings for young men, and the pinnacle of computer games, Half-Life 2, is just weeks from its (supposed) introduction.

    In other words, computer gaming has never been richer, better, or more popular. How dare I say it's all downhill from here?

    Because I've been there before. And having been there, I can see certain danger signals that are lost in the general acclaim.


  10. A buddy of mine plays FPS’s like a science. He’ll quick save probably as much as I do, however he’ll repeat a segment over and over till he finds the shots with the least amount of ammo used and most health as possible.

    I can understand the sense of perfection and getting the maximum use of strategy but I’m not as compulsive as that, LOL. I’ll repeat a segment if I could have done it better with another weapon or saved more on health.

  11. Aside from headshots I find crouching around a corner then shooting into the torso with the shotgun as a pretty effective one shot one kill. If you’re good at placing grenades you can typically knock out a monster with one blast.

  12. How many of you go for head shots? I’ve noticed that even the bigger monsters seem to drop better when you’re going for head shots, do you think it makes a difference?

    I typically aim for the neck/chin area to compensate for movements.

  13. When I bought my system last year I thought I’d give ATI a try. I got a 9600 Pro and I’ve been a bit disappointed. I’ll be going back to Nvidia once the newer cards come out.